What positives can one get in Adolf Hitler or Nazi party?

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  1. Cleanclover profile image45
    Cleancloverposted 11 years ago

    What positives can one get in Adolf Hitler or Nazi party?

    Almost all dislike the Nazi Party officials or the SS men. Any positives we can take from them like the determination to succeed, will power, getting the job done, efficiency?

  2. Hmrjmr1 profile image78
    Hmrjmr1posted 11 years ago

    The only real good to evolve out of the3 Nazi's rule was the Autobahn, they were miserable failures in all other regards in the end.

  3. andromida profile image57
    andromidaposted 11 years ago

    In fact there is nothing positive in Nazi party or in Hitler. The only positive thing we can learn from Adlof Hitler is that nothing in this world is invincible. Keeping this in mind every country need to develop their foreign relationship-so as no one should any take any preposterous action for which they need to be ashamed of in future.

  4. aka-dj profile image77
    aka-djposted 11 years ago

    VW automobiles. They were ahead of their time in design and affordability. Since then they have become a world class brand. I now drive one.

  5. dustin56 profile image59
    dustin56posted 11 years ago

    I honestly think it shows us that people can unite to do anything. Even though what they did was of bad intent and is completely horrid, it does show us that people can unite and accomplish goals of mass intent. If we use this same strength in cooperation and put it towards good intention then we could accomplish more than we ever thought possible. Not one city, not one country, not one continent, but one world.

  6. PeytonFarquhar profile image60
    PeytonFarquharposted 11 years ago

    Hitler was a mastermind at manipulating the weak minded into going along with his monstrous agenda.  His existence only goes to serve as a lesson for humanity that individuals who wrap themselves in the flag, religion, and scapegoat unpopular groups for their own purposes are to be guarded against at all costs.

  7. anisetta profile image59
    anisettaposted 11 years ago

    I cannot think of anything positive from a mastermind for destruction and the demise of men, in this case all human beings who were not lucky enough to belong to the Arian race.

  8. Jay S profile image60
    Jay Sposted 11 years ago

    Adolf Hitler mat well have been the greatest motivational speaker who ever lived. People truly believed in following him. As for the rest of his actions, he did the same things as other conquerors before and after. Citizens of a conquered land have been mistreated and put to death by many inhumane practices. Look what happened to the American Indian. Concentration camp vs.crookedly run reservations. More Indians died from mistreatment on the reservations than Jewish people in the holocaust.

  9. profile image57
    grneisposted 11 years ago

    The Versailles Treaty ending the First World War was probably not very conducive to produce positive effects in Germany.  Had the effects been considered better it would have been much harder for Hitler and or the Nazi party to succed to the extent that it did.  The German people were really beaten into the ground by it and I would say that the reaction was bound to be a negative one considering the promises Hitler made to the German people to reserect their society.  Germans are proud people and not used to defeat.  The response was not surprising. So the positive side would be to be more studied and thoughtful when creating treaties.

  10. profile image0
    Rolla98posted 10 years ago

    Like what everyone said I see good in him too. Hitler had the intelligences but the wrong mindset. He chose to be a retarded idiot by brainwashing, degrading, killing people for no reason. He even killed people that he didn't even hear from. That is evil!  Killing and degrading people was only mistake in his life and the devil had to pay for it. How could something good be such a wasted ?

  11. Jaynie2000 profile image86
    Jaynie2000posted 10 years ago

    I "positive" is an odd choice of word. There is nothing positive, but I think I understand what you're getting at.

    The only thing "positive" that could have come from such inexplicable tragedy would have to be the lessons learned. We now know that anything is possible, even crimes of such magnitude. We have learned much about the depth and dangers of the human psyche gone awry.

    Hopefully we are all wiser and can spot the signs of a budding megalomaniac and can intervene before anything like this happens in the western world again. Now if only we could do something such suffering in other parts of the world!

  12. profile image50
    Bnobleposted 9 years ago

    positives: well many people fail to realise many rullers throughout history have been just as evil as the germans. the spanish inquistion attemted to wipe out the jewish population from spain the 1600's. the catholic church was resposible for thousands of deaths during the middle ages and beyond claiming them heretics etc.. the true extent of which was only discoverd by Napoleons capturing of church records.

    but back to the topic the only positives of WW2 our the modernisation of the worlds armed forces, the germans gave us the first assault rifle, anti tank weapon, fighter jet, modern tank tactics such as the blitzcrieg, a variant of which was used by coalition forces in the war in Iraq.

    in many ways WW2 actuall objective was a failure, the war was started to protect poland from the NAZI invasion. the polish still lost half there country to the Soviets who also invaded secretly with the germans. all they got was a bit of german teritory but the polish citizens on the other side of poland were trapped under russian rule.

  13. profile image51
    IamGOD69posted 8 years ago

    he has a thirteen inch penis, flaccid.

  14. profile image53
    Jeff Rogersposted 5 years ago

    Given the horrors of the Nazi regime it is very difficult to even contemplating the idea that anything good was done.  By and large Hitler's determination at strengthening German Nationalism and World Domination and horrific events that came with it rightly outweigh any positives of the regime.

    During the war, Germany had several technological advances in flight and radar, etc which we still use today.  Also, while obtained in the most horrific way possible, the Germans were able to map out the human body and its organ systems at a level of detail never done before.  The Nazis used Jews to do this with and while in no way do I approve of the way this information was obtained, it did help move medical science forward and gave us a better understanding of human anatomy. 

    Also the discover of several pharmaceuticals came about due to testing that was conducted in the concentration camps.

    The Germans established that cigarette smoking was cancerous and banned it as a result.  They did not have Madison Ave executives trying to trick people into thinking smoking was good like in the US.

    There is nothing positive about people coming together to commit mass murder and to destabilize the world.  Yet it is still important to remember that most of the people in Germany were really just people like us trying to survive in impossible circumstances who happened to be led by a psychopath and one of the world's biggest mass murderer.


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