Hey Mike, I've been thinking of writing this Hub myself, but I see you are much

  1. Ben Zoltak profile image82
    Ben Zoltakposted 8 years ago

    Hey Mike, I've been thinking of writing this Hub myself, but I see you are much better...

    qualified. Is Social Security failure a myth? (After listening to interviews with a head of the Soc Sec program I believe that the supposed failure can be fixed easily, with less than a fraction of what is spent on military spending)

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    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    Do you believe the United States will ever willingly reduce spending on War?

    Social Security Failure is not going to matter, because there will be a collapse of the economy entirely before we get there.

    And unlike other programs Social Security is funded by an exclusive Tax that was supposed to provide for it's existence.

    The real issue is when will we as a people start to prioritize spending on people and not corporations?

    A whole lot of tax dollars flow to the Government Contractors that feed the Military System.

    People will argue but we have to have a National Defense, and on some level we do.

    Do we need to blow up countries and rebuild them too?

    Are we at war with Afghanistan?  Or are we spending Billions to be at war with a very small group of people we can not even define?

    How does this relate to Social Security?  It's all about taking limited resources and allocating them.  I would vote for a limited Military that supported protecting our homeland without invading other countries and Nation Building.  Seems like Americans are being left out in the cold to pay for the New World Order agenda which is being backed with Military Force.