Give me a prediction for things that will happen in the world in 2010.

  1. Lady_E profile image75
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    Give me a prediction for things that will happen in the world in 2010.

  2. Universal Laws profile image78
    Universal Lawsposted 8 years ago

    Hi, My prediction is that more and more information will be released on unknown areas in our solar system outside of the Planet Earth. It is not that the world controllers do not already know this but that they have never offically told us!

    This is already happening in the last few months i.e. water on the moon, new planet just discovered days ago which could have life and is very similar to earth.

    All of these new pieces of information which will be slowly inserted into our news are the pre amble to a major announcement in perhaps 2012 but maybe 2011 about the fact that there is other life out there in our galactic regions.  Will they also tell us that they have had contact since 1954!  I doubt it.

    All of these pieces of information that will be released in 2012 will pave the way and are a definate.  It has already begun.
    The information will be planned it is not that they could not give this information now but that their agenda is to allow the public only small pieces of the truth and leave it as late as possible before 2012 when the off planet beings may come forward themselves to help us as earth changes happen, without a formal announcement!

    Because of the way the world is really run from the back rooms and not the government puppets that you see on your tv screens then it is imperative that as many people as possible, do their own research and not wait for these snippets of the real story to unfold.

    My prediction includes the fact that the Vatican will carry on what they have already started with announcing more and more things to do with extraterrestrial life possibilities.  Last month the Vatican ran their own "Is there Alien Life" conference for the first time.  Their top astronomer also announced the possibility of other life out there a few weeks before that!

    These predictions are pretty sure things along with the fact that there will be more startling light shows in the sky like the blue beam and spiral in Norway and the pyramid over Russia.  No one is quite sure yet whether these are the shadow governments trying out there high tech projection equipment which could be used to fake an ET landing or the coming of the new Messiah or whether the higher beings that are in our galactic space are showing us light forms to encourage us that they are there and watching over us!