Please explain to me how/why ANYONE can feel that terrorists deserve the rights

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  1. SheriSapp profile image59
    SheriSappposted 10 years ago

    Please explain to me how/why ANYONE can feel that terrorists deserve the rights of citizens?

  2. breakfastpop profile image83
    breakfastpopposted 10 years ago

    Dear Sheri,

    I can't possibly explain this to you because I am vehemently opposed to allowing terrorists to receive the benefits of American citizens. President Obama and Eric Holder are on a wavelength that defies common sense and frankly, betrays the American people.

  3. someonewhoknows profile image71
    someonewhoknowsposted 10 years ago

    From your statement ,I gather that they are already guilty in your mind.I would hate to have you on a jury if I was on trial for something I was accused of doing,especially if,I was innocent.

    A citizen of the federal government?
    I'm not a citizen of the federal government or the district of Columbia,same thing.
    I'm a citizen of the state in which I was born,or moved to after I was born.

    As for the accused terrorists, I suppose they were given citizenship by the government! Go figure!

  4. daughterson profile image85
    daughtersonposted 10 years ago

    It is a matter of law.  In this case it seems it has worked out very well.

  5. lovelypaper profile image61
    lovelypaperposted 10 years ago

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, breakfastpop. They are terrorist who want to kill us. Blow us up! This is war, like I said before in another question/answer, this is war, not a bank robbery. Wake up Obama! You're going to get us all killed!

  6. MagicStarER profile image84
    MagicStarERposted 10 years ago

    There are several good reasons for "terrorists" or anyone else accused of breaking the law to share the same legal rights as everyone else.

    1.  Who determines what a "terrorist" is?  Lately, DHS has stated that "those who defend the US Constitution", those who are "expecting the Second Coming of Jesus", and anti-abortionists are all terrorists.  These people are all AMERICANS and have been designated as being terrorists.  Don't you think Americans should receive their constitutional rights?

    2.  The Constitution specifies that all who are accused of a crime in the USA enjoy these legal rights.

    3.  By opening the floodgates of torture, denial of Habeas Corpus, refusal to allow legal representation, we are also opening the floodgates for the same to be done to ALL Americans.  We MUST insist that the government adhere strictly to the RULE OF LAW and to the CONSTITUTION, because it is what prevents our government from enacting tyranny on all of us, and protects us ALL.

  7. commisioner profile image60
    commisionerposted 10 years ago

    this is an incomplete question. you seem to say that all terrorists are foreigners. actually some are citizens. those who are citizens of the U.S. DO DESERVE THE RIGHTS OF ALL CITIZENS. but the ones who are not citizens are indeed the ones who do not deserve these rights. when they come here and kill thousands of americans, they are enemy combatants and need to be put in front of military tribunals. we cannot grant them the rights of an american, they will use it against us.
    as far as the torture they supposedly receive, i know many men who served and still serve at "gitmo". even there they have the right of attorney client privileges. they use their attorneys to pass notes to each other and have successfully killed some of our men in uniform with that RIGHT. the torture they get is less harmful than the training they get as gihadist. the men i talk to who understand their language have overheard them talk about how great the prison is. they get more benefits from us than they did at home. they have a better life than they did before they were captured. better food and more comfortable lives than they did under their own leaders.
    also look at their lifespan. if they were not caught, they would be dead. how long can a suicide bomber live in the outside world?? face it, we don't hurt them half as much as they want to hurt us. they do not deserve the rights we as citizens have. they don't want us to have those rights. they want us dead, period.

  8. TheWatchman profile image83
    TheWatchmanposted 10 years ago

    one mans terrorist is another mans revolutionary, it all comes down to which side of the fence your sitting on.

    if you ask me, no matter who you are, terrorist, military, criminal or police, if you hurt innocent people intentionally you need to be punished for your actions.

  9. Springboard profile image75
    Springboardposted 10 years ago

    The Obama administration is hell bent on classifying this 'war on terror' as something entirely different. Therefore it makes perfect sense to me that they would put them through the same criminal justice system that we would face if we were to commit a crime.

    It's nuts. These are definitely enemy combatants. Declared or not we are definitely at war with these individuals. They do not belong in our criminal courts.

    But none of this surprising considering how left Obama and his cronies are, and how out of touch with reality they seem to be as well when it comes to issues of national security.

  10. John for truth profile image60
    John for truthposted 9 years ago

    Terrorism is NOT what they want us/you to believe. They stage things and we believe what they say.

    The media is telling you/us lies. Don't believe what you see on TV.

    Are there terrorists? Sure there are, but this agenda is staged by our government to create FEAR. This fear allows them to control us and remove our rights as human beings and United States citizens.


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