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MagicStarER profile image


Joined 9 years ago from Western Kentucky




I am an RN, writer, webmaster, and activist, who lives in rural Kentucky.

"MagicStarER" is the handle I've been using for many years; it comes from "Magic Star Equine Rescue", which was my first website based on an endeavor very dear to my heart: rescuing horses! I have been working to stop horse slaughter in the US since the year 2000.

Please sign the ASPCA's Petition to Stop the Cruel Slaughter of Horses

Besides being an advocate for the ending of horse slaughter and the transportation of horses for the purpose of slaughter, I am also an activist for other changes for good in the areas of human and civil rights, animal rights in general, world peace, ending genocide, protection of wildlife and endangered species, universal health care, ending poverty, alternative energy, protecting children, preservation of heirloom seeds, herbal medicine, wildcrafting, permaculture, and sustainable and organic farming.

My interest in this sort of activism was originally inspired by my horse, "Magic Star", a beautiful black Tennessee Walking Horse mare who was stolen from me and sold at an auction, and who was probably sold to the "meat-buyers" who take horses to slaughter houses. She is forever in my thoughts and continues to be the inspiration for any good I try to accomplish.

I love to design skins, graphics, and web templates and build web sites; some of my sites include ones about equine rescue, web tools and development, web templates, browser skins, web hosting, cottage gardening, herbs and herbal remedies, heirloom gardening, and disaster and survival resources.

I am very concerned about the changes for the worse that I see in the world around me, and you will see this concern reflected in most of what I write about. I believe that the world has lost its way; that it has forgotten how to love, and that we need to relearn this most important skill, if we are to survive.

I have always been a "square peg" that does not fit the round hole, and you could possibly detest me, if you are a person who is intolerant, or lacking in compassion for your fellow man, because I am a passionate believer in the power of love, and respect for all life. I despise social injustice and violence or abuse of any kind.

(Just put a little love in your heart! OK?)

I am an insatiable reader and indefatigable researcher who likes to write about Social Issues and Health, and who follows News and Politics very closely. So you may learn about some things you did not know, or read something unconventional or controversial on my Hubs!

I have many and widely-varied interests, and I would need to be about a dozen more people to keep up with everything I am thinking about all at once...

I would love to introduce you to the beautiful Western Kentucky - Kentucky Lake area where I live, at:

"Western Ky Fisherman"
where I also have a very extensively stocked online Fishing and Outdoor Store.

You can see more of my efforts to inform people and teach about compassion, love, and survival on my MySpace site at:

I teach people how to build web sites for free and how to make money at

Web Sites Free For Beginners -

I am working on a couple of new sites right now:

Magic Meadow - Natural Herbs and Organics
(which I am working on building into the most extensive herbal and organic resource and educational center on the internet for herbs, natural and organic remedies, alternative healing, survival, heirloom and organic gardening, and sustainable living - a big project and I welcome contributing authors!)

AvantSkins (Get free Avant Browser skins made by Mois)

And just because one day I wanted little girls to have a special web site where they can play Angelina Ballerina games, watch all the Angelina videos, and have a place to get all their favorite Angelina Ballerina books, toys, and games, I built:

Angelina Ballerina Dance Shoppe

My next project will probably be where I give away my free HTML web templates that I make. (I Hate CSS!)

I am currently writing 2 books (or trying to when not suffering from either writer's block, or a lack of time): "JAIL! The Victimization of America's Defenseless" and "The Amazing Story of God's Incredible Love".

I am of the firm belief that our planet and all life should be treated with love and respect. I believe that one voice, united with others, and guided by the power of love, can right a multitude of wrongs!

And that, my friends, is the reason I write!

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