Should google pull out of China

  1. mintinfo profile image77
    mintinfoposted 8 years ago

    Should google pull out of China

    Companies are in business to make money and google stands to lose billions if they pull out of Chinas rapidly expanding and profitable internet market. Do they stay, be censored, and make money or take the ethical high road and pull out?

  2. Springboard profile image80
    Springboardposted 8 years ago

    The only way I would say pull out of China would be if we didn't have so many things "Made in China' in our stores in this country. If we can get a bit of money back into our hands from the Chinese I say we should take every opportunity to do so.

  3. duh127 profile image55
    duh127posted 8 years ago

    Yes! Google, a company that has little to worry about in terms of finance, should take a stand and say enough is enough. With the popularity of Google sky-high around the world, I doubt the current situation is permament: Google will make a come-back in China.