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    Declaration of Determined Americans: We Take America Back!

    When in the Course of Human Events, there comes a Moment to decide between a government that advocates socialistic solutions, and the individual right to pursue Personal Liberty and Freedom; our respect for the opinions of others, requires we declare the reasons that motivate us to choose Liberty and Freedom.

    First, we reaffirm the Beliefs of our Founders-The self-evident Truth that all People are created equal and endowed by their Creator with the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; that the just Purpose of Government is to secure the God-Given Rights of its citizens.

    Second, we affirm the Belief that Government still derives its “just” Powers from the Consent of the Governed- “just” Powers are those that the People have consented to, not from Power assumed by a Ruling Elite to impose its’ Will upon the People.

    Third, we affirm that when the Government succumbs to the Temptation of Absolute Power and is corrupted, Men and Women of Principle must speak the Truth and protest the rise of a Collective State that threatens the Liberty of Individuals.

    Here are our grievances, Let the facts speak for themselves:
    •    Contrary to the Language and Intent of the Constitution, the Congress has delegated to the President and his Agents extraordinary legislative authority, effectively eviscerating the Separation of Powers Doctrine intrinsic to governing Our Republic.
    •    This Government has repeatedly and arbitrarily superseded Individual Sovereignty, the Rule of Law and the Right of Private Property to pursue its own Ends at the Expense of the People, irrespective of any legal or moral Authority to do so.
    •    Through Executive Orders and Signing Statements this President and Administration have set Themselves above the Law and delegated to their Agents, Powers not granted to them by the United States Constitution.
    •    To combat a Crisis of its own Making, this government would surrender National Sovereignty and exclusive control of American Currency to a World Body whose unjust Powers are self-declared and contrary to Fundamental American principles.
    •    Without constitutional Authority, this government has destroyed the value of our Labor, Property and Savings by borrowing and printing incalculable Quantities of Money, through the Federal Reserve system, to the end of preserving the Power of its own Interests at the expense of the People
    •    Without Constitutional Authority, this Government has destroyed the Reliability of Credit by requiring private Financial Institutions to engage in the reckless Extension of Debt to borrowers of dubious means.
    •    Without Constitutional Authority, this government under cover of legislation has nullified the Sanctity of Contracts, coercing private Parties to renegotiate voluntary Agreements to the advantage of one Party over Another.
    •    Without Constitutional Authority, this government has legislated ex post facto bills of attainder invalidating legally binding Contracts and inflicting confiscatory Taxation on Individuals for arbitrary Cause.
    •    Without Constitutional Authority, this government has taken controlling Interest in private companies and leveraged its coercive Power to make Decisions in the best Interest of neither the companies nor the People.
    •    This government has endangered the Future of our Children through reckless and arbitrary Spending, imposing on future Generations the obligation to pay for its Experiments in Socialism.
    •    This government seeks Creation of a Single nationwide Education System devoid of ideological diversity and operational innovation and that allows No Child To Get Ahead.
    •    This government has attempted to usurp States’ Rights as provided for in the Constitution in an effort to nationalize Federal Policies by Binding receipt of Federal Funding to State Compliance, thereby achieving through Bribery the very thing the Constitution protects against.
    •    This government promotes a variety of political policies and agendas in a vain effort to alter natural Climate Change, consequently threatening the Productive Capacity and the Economic Growth of the Nation.
    •    While supporting a collective “Right” to Health Care, and assuming an unconstitutional Authority to provide “universal” health care, this government wants to deny to its citizens the unalienable and natural right to make unencumbered healthcare decisions for themselves by seizing and nationalizing control of the healthcare systems.
    •    We see the various Bureaucrats and Agents of the Federal Government, through Ignorance and Arrogance, that have pursued Policies that reject Free Market Principles; They have elevated the Collective Good over Individual Sovereignty; the redistribution of wealth over the Sanctity of Private Property and the political ends of legislators over the Rule of Law.
    •    We remind this President, Administration and Congress that this government is not Our government; that the People do not serve this government,
         Our government serves the People. We have been rebuffed and declared “evil” or ‘selfish” for seeking our unalienable Rights and expecting Constitutional Integrity.

    Therefore, the People voluntarily gathered here today do loudly speak out and proclaim:
              WE take our Lives back!      WE take our Liberty back!
                                 WE take America Back!

    WE commit ourselves to relentless and ceaseless effort to preserve the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ourselves and our Posterity according to the United States Constitution!

    In the Spirit of American Constitutional Freedom, we can do no less!

    from an anonymous writer 
    (I would add that this was written in part during the Bush administration, but has proven to be just as valid in the current one)

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    SparklingJewelposted 8 years ago

    where are our resident Hubpages Constitutional lawyers? do you have any comments on this? I found this from one of many of the smaller movements of US patriots that are popping up across America.
    As you can see they started to mirror aspects of the original  US Declaration of Independence.

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    I was pleased to write a brief hub about this very topic smile