Is Barack Obama going to be a memorable president?

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  1. manthy profile image60
    manthyposted 11 years ago

    Is Barack Obama going to be a memorable president?

    I mean to me it is a yes simply because he is black, but is that enough to make him truly memorable?

  2. Typhoon profile image69
    Typhoonposted 11 years ago

    We'll have to wait and see. I don't think he's done anything that really stands out (so far - in my opinion anyways)

  3. manthy profile image60
    manthyposted 11 years ago

    I agree, he has been less than average I mean he had me so fired up with all the talk of change and now I know exactly what he meant..........the change I have in my pocket, it was twenty dollar bills..LOL just kidding.... I am patiently waiting though

  4. dabeaner profile image60
    dabeanerposted 11 years ago

    Yes, he will be memorable.  And not in a good way.  Even worse than Bush.

    BTW, it makes no difference as to color when it comes to being a tool of the rulers pulling the strings behind the scenes.

  5. Joni Douglas profile image77
    Joni Douglasposted 11 years ago

    Surely he will always be known for being the first black president.  As for being a good president? I don't think so.  He took office as a firm believer in big government at a time when the majority of the Americans are looking for less government.

  6. Wayne Brown profile image80
    Wayne Brownposted 11 years ago

    Beyond best he will be remembered as the President that took this nation to the brink of socialistic destruction.  At worst, he will be credited as the leader who did all he could to rid America of the democratic process.  Either way, he will earn a legacy, a full retirement at taxpayer expense and God only knows what we as the citizens will have left for us.

  7. vrajavala profile image60
    vrajavalaposted 11 years ago

    He's pathetic. He will be remembered in the same way that Hitler is.

  8. Instrumentally profile image60
    Instrumentallyposted 11 years ago

    Yes he will be for the problems he made worse and for not sticking up for the American People.

  9. SheriSapp profile image60
    SheriSappposted 11 years ago

    Hell yes!!! He will probably go down in history as being even worse than Jimmy Carter. Of course, there is also the fact that he is of mixed race and oh so international!!!!!!!!!

  10. profile image0
    Larry Croftposted 11 years ago

    Yes.  I will not forget him.  With Obama, what's yours is ours.  That's not right.

    Sure looks to me like he holds Abraham Lincoln in contempt for it was Mr. Lincoln who, at Gettysburg, said, "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth".

  11. What's News profile image61
    What's Newsposted 10 years ago

    Yes I believe he will be remembered. He will be remembered as the president that completely abandoned his base and his country. Remembered for globetrotting and making excuses for his own country. Spending us into oblivion and drawing us near socialism.

    He will be remembered as the puppet of George Soros and the elitist liberal community. The president that moved no meaningful legislation while he had the support he needed in the house and senate.

    Yes he will be remembered.

  12. The Frog Prince profile image77
    The Frog Princeposted 10 years ago

    Our future generations will remember him for sure.  It won't be a good memory though since every child born in this nation enters this world owing Uncle Sugar $43K.  Heck of a way to face the world and he doesn't seem too intent on fixing the problem.  So much for fond memories.


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