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I'm a retired US Army grunt (that's an infantryman for the uninitiated) who enjoys writing about current events. I prefer to not be attacked for my views as they are my own and not necessarily yours. Lets try to stick to the facts along the way. I am focused on returning this nation to adhering to the US Constitution and a smaller federal government with much less interference in the daily lives of my fellow Americans, not to mention myself.

We have made a huge mistake by electing the most unqualified person imaginable to be the POTUS. That would be Obama. Leadership by teleprompter.

I'm a bit of a political junkie as I age because I grow increasingly concerned about the fiscal shape of this country and what we are leaving to our heirs. People need to think more about what you leave behind because you sure can't take it with you.

As you may be able to discern from my writings, I am a conservative and also an active member of The Tea Party movement. I, and some of my patriot friends, attended 912 and then had to come back and listen to liberals try to tell me about it since they weren't there. It was huge!

The conservative voices in America far out number the liberal sirens in this country but they do have their volume up far past acceptable levels. But in politics they seem to ascend to power every so often, screw things up and then get sent back to their progressive holes to lick their wounds.

Professionally I am a contractor who specializes in the remodeling and repair of homes and own my own company. I'm a small business owner.

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