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Is romance important in life, and if yes, why?

  1. ethel smith profile image81
    ethel smithposted 7 years ago

    Is romance important in life, and if yes, why?

  2. dotty1 profile image64
    dotty1posted 7 years ago

    Oh yes it is so so important to have romance in your life..  During times of hardship or sadness just the smallest romantic thing done by a loved one can bring that sparkle back to your eyes and remind you that you are loved.. I dont understand when people do not rate it as important, we all need to be loved and appreciated.  My problem is finding a man to reciprocate hehehe..There is nothing nicer than reading or hearing about couples that have been married for EVER and you see that they still have romance....YES that knight is out there.................somewhere????

  3. andromida profile image61
    andromidaposted 7 years ago

    Certainly romance is important in anyone's life.Without it we will be like machines. To develop our emotional state more deeply as human we all need romance.thank you.

  4. puresilence profile image57
    puresilenceposted 7 years ago

    If you meant by romance- a physical attraction to opposite sex and flirting, it may be pleasurable for some moments but eventually will lead to heartbreak in many forms. Either after some point of time you will start get offended by him/her. The habits you used to find attractive looks like filthy and without compromise you won't get along.
    But yes if you are saying in context of Divine Romance, nothing like love of that absolute for which you don't have to look outside as you are so much already filled with it already and you start to completely engrossed in that you never ever compromise with anything less. Though divine love is much more powerful than opposite sex love, however momentarily pleasure is so much powerful because of our ignorance that people like Tiger wood, Bill clinton who are supposedly so much respected even can get blind with it.
    Though Romance per se, is not bad or good but who you are involved can change ballgame completely.

  5. RomanceReality profile image38
    RomanceRealityposted 7 years ago

    Of course romance is important because it inspires you to see and feels things that otherwise would not be possible.