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How important is it for us to care for the homeless, sick, and parentless childr

  1. ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image70
    ROMANCER OF LIFEposted 7 years ago

    How important is it for us to care for the homeless, sick, and parentless children around the world?

    I believe we should help to care for the children who come from less fortunate backgrounds. I think we should love them and help them to become great examples for the future. How many of you agree with me?

  2. MR.POINT OF VIEW profile image57
    MR.POINT OF VIEWposted 7 years ago

    Its more important that most people know. The rich and more fortunate should invest in humanity. Its a sound investment and the rewards can be seen in the smiling faces of the needy. We will all need help at some point in our lives.

  3. ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image70
    ROMANCER OF LIFEposted 7 years ago

    I agree 110% with you Mr. Point of View =-) Although I don't particularly think it should be just the rich and fortunate that should invest into humanity. I believe all of us as people should make it a responsibility to take care of one another.
    I love kids and believe without a doubt that we need to be their back bone, if we want a good future. There's a lot of children out there who come from horrible backgrounds and I believe that if we can be there for them, there will be hope for the future. Every child in the world deserves to be loved, and cared for. There's hope if there's caring and good people. I can tell you from experience, there's a lot of careless and selfish people in this world. I speak from experience.

  4. sid_candid profile image60
    sid_candidposted 7 years ago

    It is extremely important to contribute to care for the children who are poor and are orphans. If you are financially stable and have a family you should be thankful to God. Try to help the less fortunate ones who are poor and and have no family to care and love.

  5. slave222 profile image61
    slave222posted 7 years ago

    We should always try to help out others who are less fourtune than us. As a pastor I always admire and respect people who are out in this world that was provided to us by our father almighty. we should be grateful with the position that we have in life. We should always care for those less fourtune than us.?
    I totally agree with you. You Rock.
    God Bless

  6. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    my only problem with caring for kids from poor families is that these families shouldn't have had kids if they couldn't afford them. but that said, kids are our future so it's everyones responsibility to try to help them. as for the homeless, very few of them deserve help.

  7. TNotar7 profile image58
    TNotar7posted 7 years ago

    It's important. The children are the WORLD's future. How we take care of them will determine how the world's future will take care of all of us. We are the adults, the example setters. I agree with your statement that we should love them and help them.  Lots of good NGOs out there in various countries, not to mention lots of good community and faith based organizations and individuals here helping out as well.

    Went to a emergency preparedness meeting a month ago. One of the doctors from Haiti was there. The thing that sticks in my mind was that this doctor remarked how many children died because there was not enough 'child-size' medical equipment or supplies, and logistically it took forever to get them in. Katrina was similar - and right here in the United States! 

    Long story short. The children are our future - love them, care for them and let them lead the way.

    Thanks for your post.