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is there recession striking next year

  1. poojs profile image50
    poojsposted 7 years ago

    is there recession striking next year

    since i am working in software company i got the information about recession. so i am little bit confused

  2. diyakapoor profile image54
    diyakapoorposted 7 years ago

    I have not heard any such news. Now economy is being strong, so I don't think so that there should be any such thing.


  3. profile image0
    andycoolposted 7 years ago

    The recession that started in 2008 is in force as of today and would be there for quite a long time. No double dip man... one single dip is this that is going to haunt the economies! Once the effects of the stimulus given to tackle the problem is over it will come back with a bang.

  4. prasannastudies profile image60
    prasannastudiesposted 7 years ago

    as per my opinion, economy is not stable process. it may collide after some days and it is rule of it.

  5. Brupie profile image72
    Brupieposted 7 years ago

    The official determination of a recession is a declining Gross Domestic Product for two consecutive quarters.  The American economy started to grow modestly back in June of 2009, so the recession officially ended then.  The National Bureau of Economic Research is the "official" organization that determines these dates.  The great recession technically began in December 2007. 

    If you're interested, I wrote a hub about two firms that have prospered in the recession and why.  I also discuss recessions and business http://hubpages.com/hub/Chasing-Mispric … -Store-Won

  6. spartanmoving profile image35
    spartanmovingposted 7 years ago

    I don't think so.The time in 2008 is not similar in 2010.We can see that many companies are hiring more number of employees and the ratio of money has been increased to an extent and that is a decent level.