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Can our country agree on a "healthy" solution to heal our nations indifferences,

  1. woodamarc profile image67
    woodamarcposted 7 years ago

    Can our country agree on a "healthy" solution to heal our nations indifferences, or is it too late?

    So many problems and indifferences in the political environment have torn our country apart in the last 2 decades.  Is there anyway to mend our past and move forward in a manner that's productive and healthy for our nations people?  Is this even possible with parties that appear to be alike and put self interest before serving the citizens?

  2. WebDesignDoctor profile image56
    WebDesignDoctorposted 7 years ago

    This Democrat/Republican debacle is becoming tiring, I agree. Both parties are stuck-up and consider themselves to be the "superior" party. I feel like the only way we are going to bring our country together is if we can get a good president in office; one that is not self-serving and knows how to unite this country and help us all work together toward greater goals of financial peace and prosperity. We need a leader in this country, not some puppet master who finds loopholes in the system and does whatever it takes to pass his policies because HE thinks they are right, despite how the American people feel about them. We need someone who will bring together both parties and make decisions that will benefit the country as a whole. Unfortunately this will not happen with our current "leader."

  3. Jeremey profile image57
    Jeremeyposted 7 years ago

    Its up to "We the People" to take a stand, maybe, when registering to vote dont pick a party, maybe the whole country should just not vote,what would happen then? Maybe we the people, as in everyone who files a tax return just refuses to file,all of us, every single one of us! I have more wacked out ideas that would get the attention, but maybe I should start a hub on this one! Good question!

  4. woodamarc profile image67
    woodamarcposted 7 years ago

    Jeremey, there is no answer that is too wacked out... Write a hub and voice your thoughts. And thanks for the input!

        The key point here is there must be all types of thoughts and "active" discussions/solutions thrown on the table.  It is obvious our country is more divided than ever. And although our Presidents have a lot to do with policy, our standard of liviing and the direction our nation turns... There appears to also be a lot of destructive obstacles for the people with regard to key stakeholders power, control and greed (industries and government activities in bed with each other).

        How do you change a nations "status quo" or business as usual when greed controls the power?  The other point... Continue voicing your opinions.  For without our voices and votes the "status quo" will not change.

        Thanks to all that have/will express their opinions.  And just maybe a voice(s) will resonate and multiply to the mass and reverse our course in bringing our nations people together.

        Write that hub, it is one medium, and a very good one to let your voice be heard.

  5. drdspervez profile image68
    drdspervezposted 7 years ago

    It's never too late to make the correct decision,when we will think our country our home we will start making the correct Decisions.
    A good Politician will never think about him/her self, they will think about the country.Good Politician will never think that let me complete my tenure and after that either I will leave the country or I will contest the election from any other party's seat and change the floor in the house.