why parents race off to wed their daughter to someone who they think is perfect?

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    RX60posted 7 years ago

    why parents race off to wed their daughter to someone who they think is perfect?

  2. Jeromeo profile image61
    Jeromeoposted 7 years ago

    This habit is part of a social tradition that seems to present on all cultures.  But even more so in America, its linked with the illusion of the American Dream.

    Also it gives parents much pride to be able to appear to the community as being successful in : raising a daughter, who could attract a handsome, and well to husband.

    The statistics that prove other wise don't seem to matter, to parents in the height of their delirium.

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    CrystalSingletonposted 6 years ago

    A lot of parents often will have a say in whom they feel their children shall marry. Especially their daughters because as in all countries women have the lower hand. It is true that women in America probably have many more rights than most other women, well at least compared to the middle east and Africa. Women in America still may a significant amount less than their male counterpart. It is most prevalent when a parent genuinely loves their child that they would want the best for them. To secure their daughters future would be important to any loving and concerned parent. There is not a lack of love in saying that some parents do not hold such high standards when marrying off their daughters. Some parents find just as much joy knowing that their daughters are completely happy marrying one that they are truly in love with.