What do you mean by social service?

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    H P Roychoudhuryposted 7 years ago

    What do you mean by social service?

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    iskra1916posted 7 years ago


    Thank you for your question.

    I am not sure that I made any mention of 'Social Service' in my article.

    The article in question was in relation to an IRSP publication. The IRSP are the Irish Republican Socialist Party, an Irish Marxist party who equally oppose British imperialism and capitalism. The IRSP works towards the creation of a 32 county Democratic Socialist Republic in Ireland, free from British political interference and capitalism.

    Here is the IRSP's preamble from the party's website:

    "The Irish Republican Socialist Party is a working class revolutionary party in the tradition of Tone, Marx, Lenin, Connolly, Mellows, Costello and Ta Power that leads the Republican Socialist Movement towards the objective of establishing a 32-county Workers Republic. The Party is heavily influenced by the ideas espoused in the Ta Power Document.

    The Party comprehensively rejects the Good Friday Agreement as an imperialist-backed undemocratic sabotage of true peace and freedom in Ireland

    The party is guided by the analysis of James Connolly: that the class struggle and national liberation struggle cannot be separated, and are the only movement that uphold that analysis.

    The IRSP also rejects any parliamentary road to socialism. The IRSP is an anti imperialist Party that seeks to remove the British interference in Ireland's sovereignty as an aspect of the class struggle.

    The IRSP is involved in campaigns and struggles of the working class, and our membership are well represented throughout the workers' movement. The Party is well regarded for its nonsectarian approach and indeed works tirelessly to bridge the sectarian gap and heal the artificial divisions in our class created by a foreign government." (IRSP Website)

    Unlike the likes of Sinn Fein, who only seek to create a unitary state within the capitalist system, the IRSP seeks both political & economic liberty. The IRSP are an internationalist party, not a narrow nationalist one.

    You can learn more about the IRSP by visiting our website:http://www.irsp.ie/index.html

    Or, feel free to take part in our discussion forum which is free & open to all:http://rsmforum.proboards.com/index.cgi

    Saoirse Go Deo!