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Why do Liberals always suggest the United States is the Wealthiest Country in th

  1. eculligan profile image75
    eculliganposted 7 years ago

    Why do Liberals always suggest the United States is the Wealthiest Country in the world?

    The United States is well on its way of being 14 Trillion dollars in debt.  Money doesn't grow in trees.  Or perhaps it does in the United States

  2. Nan Mynatt profile image62
    Nan Mynattposted 7 years ago

    The United States in the past had more industries, cars, owned more cars and went to more universities for education. We were able to move from poor to rich in this country.  However our government has gotten us into war (2) costing trillions of dollars, and that is the reason for our debt. Our money is slipping away, and corporate giants have stollen a lot of the money by fraud. We need honest politicians.  They don't seem to know that when they take the poor and middle class down, they are taking the United Sates down.  We need to buy our own products and support our manufacturers instead of cheap goods from abroad. We don't need to continue the war for more years, they are lying to make profits for the company manufacturing the goods for war.

  3. justom profile image71
    justomposted 7 years ago

    You really like that word liberal don't you:-) Money does in fact grow on trees. You just have to grow the right trees:D

  4. BobbiRant profile image61
    BobbiRantposted 7 years ago

    Pretty much I'd say Conservatives want us to believe we are the wealthiest, smartest, most powerful and especially if one is wealthy.  I think liberals see problems for what they are and the wrongs for what they are and try to right them.  I'm not sure you have a good definition of liberal going for you.

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    Old Empresarioposted 7 years ago

    Hahaha; I don't know! I don't think liberals are the only ones that say it though. The truth, which was made abundantly clear just this past decade, is that rich people only have one nationality to which they are loyal: other rich people. The richest families and biggest corporations in the US are well-integrated with the richest families in Saudi Arabia and so on. We're not the wealthiest, the healthiest, or the smartest nation in the world. In fact, we're pretty low in all categories. We just have the largest navy and air force and most nuclear weapons. We also spend the most per capita, but that just means our economy is based on consumerism, retail, logistics, and marketing.

    It seems to me that the wealthiest of the wealthy Americans are giving away their money to charities and research on their deaths. Executives or corporate middle-management guys like me will probably emigrate and chase work as it leaves the country to be based in Europe or the far east.

    The US side-stepped an economic landmine (or pressure-detonated IED, for those speaking 21st-Century army language) in 2008 and 2009 with a spending bubble that will not last ten years. We still have not regulated the banks, by the way. The economic catastrophe awaiting us is supposed to be very bad.

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