do you think canada will feel the wrath of the muslim religion like other countr

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  1. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 13 years ago

    do you think canada will feel the wrath of the muslim religion like other countries have

    i'm not just talking about 9/11 but suicide bombers, sharia law, riots, etc.

  2. Wolfbrother profile image61
    Wolfbrotherposted 13 years ago

    most probably. If sweden will feel extremist wrath then any country will. It is only a matter of time before Canada or some other country will feel the power of brainwashing.

  3. Leann Zarah profile image83
    Leann Zarahposted 13 years ago

    It's sad that people use God (whatever name different religions have given Her/Him) to cause commercialized violence like war and suicide bombing.

    Canada isn't a perfect country. No human-made product or institution is perfect. But I hope extremists will realize how foolish they've been. If they really believe in Allah who stands for peace, they wouldn't even dare sow the seeds of hate and kill people who differ from their beliefs.

  4. Anne Scullard profile image42
    Anne Scullardposted 13 years ago

    I hope not. Beside the fact that I have family residing there, it would be ironic if we immigrate to Canada, like we're planning on doing to get away from the crime in South Africa, just to be blown up by some fool who's been brainwashed.  It really ticks me off when people use God as an excuse to do violence.  God is not a violent God.

  5. profile image57
    foreignpressposted 13 years ago

    Islamists tried a few years ago to establish a foothold in Canada. They wanted more mosques built and found a loophole in Canadian law that permitted their slow expansion. As a result, to stop the Muslim incursion, Canada was forced to change the law regarding all religious faiths.
       Much depends on what party wields power. In Britain, the liberal Labor party allowed in Muslims by the millions as did liberals in France. Now Britain is forced to accommodate Sharia Law and has also become the hotbed of home-grown Muslim extremism.
       Canada is well aware of what happened in Britain. And it's keeping a wary eye on Muslim dominance in the U.S. That Canada is taking in thousands of immigrants every year in the name of "diversity" is making citizens very uneasy.
        But so far Canada has managed to stay neutral. So I think it will avoid the Islamic wrath found elsewhere.

  6. shynsly profile image59
    shynslyposted 13 years ago

    Sadly yes. Ultimately I think any nation that values freedom will potentially be a target. It is unfortunate that while the vast majority of Muslims believe in peace and simply want to live their lives the same as any of the rest of us, a very small minority of them have tarnished their entire religion and culture.

    Which leaves those of us in the western world with quite the conundrum... do we do what's necessary to protect ourselves in spite of the cries of "racism" and "stereotyping"... all the while going against our own high-held regards for tolerance and integration, or do we continue to value our belief in freedom for all, including the few that would use that freedom against us.

    Either way, it would seem, the extremists win. That's why I get so frustrated when people bad mouth the war in Afghanistan. Iraq not withstanding, Afghanistan truly is a "war on terrorism", and it's the only way we're ever going to get the upper hand. Take the fight to THEM, on THEIR turf.

    Even if we're never successful at erraticating them entirely, at least we can keep them so tied up defending their little caves and rabbit holes that we've diminished their ability to wage war on innocent civilians around the world.

    In terms of Canada, I wouldn't see them as being a "prime target", as it's no secret the U.S. is considered the #1 "western influence" world-wide, so we'll always be their preferred prey.

    On the other hand, we're talking about complete cowards in the most despicable sense of the word, so, especially given the U.S. at least attempting to step up it's efforts in security and intelligence, I would suppose that any easy target of opportunity would do.

    Sorry, should have read your question better... but even in terms of a cultural "take over", I still feel what I said applies. From my limited experiance, again, most Muslims aren't seeking to force their beliefs down anyone else's throat, they just want to be allowed to practice them in peace. Again, it would seem only the "extremists" that would have us "submit to the will of Allah or die".

  7. dusy7969 profile image59
    dusy7969posted 13 years ago

    Absolutely, unfortunately the intolerant have a field day with the tolerant. We've seen, the more tolerant the society, the more likely extremism is to take hold.

  8. Wayne Brown profile image80
    Wayne Brownposted 13 years ago

    I think every Christian nation on this earth is a target of Muslim extremists.  After all, in their eyes, we are the infidels who are cluttering up this planet and should be duly eliminated.  All Muslims do not necessarily feel that way but if you look around you might notice that the Muslim religion is not saying much in the way of condemning the efforts of the extremists.  The Muslim religion is the largest in the world with more followers than any other.  That could spell danger especially if there is a wholesale fanaticism which catches fires within them. Look at what happened with the Nazi Movement in Germany.  Many people would have looked at that and concluded that no one man could move so many to do such hideous things...but he did. We always have to be on guard for that ugliness to rear its head once again in our world. WB

  9. DJProfessorK profile image60
    DJProfessorKposted 13 years ago

    A few things...

    1. Islam means to 'submit to the will of God', Muslim is 'to have submitted to God'. Do not use the two interchangeably.

    2. Sharia law is a moral code of conduct! Similar to the Ten Commandments (albeit with punishments explicitly listed), it defines how one should live their lives.

    There are four schools of Sharia law that range from ultra-conservative (fundamentalist; i.e. Muslim Nigeria, Saudi Arabia) called Hanbali to Liberal (i.e. Malaysia) called Hanafi. Sharia is also only used for MUSLIMS. In the modern context, those of other religions are supposed to be exempt and law is defined by a separate secular code.

    3. Kafir is used to define a non-Muslim immoral blasphemer, infidel just defines a non-Muslim and doesn't always carry a negative context.

    4. Do not assume that only Muslims are terrorists. If you look back in history, we're only fifteen years removed from Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bombing) and if you want to be technical, the Crusades were an act of terrorism. No real reparations were ever made for multiple heinous acts of violence.

    @ Anne Scullard - If God wasn't violent, none of this (terrorism, holy wars) would have happened.


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