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Why Democrats & Republicans work against each other instead of working together

  1. Understanding You profile image56
    Understanding Youposted 7 years ago

    Why Democrats & Republicans work against each other instead of working together for a better economy

  2. AskAshlie3433 profile image54
    AskAshlie3433posted 7 years ago

    That is the question we have been asking for years. There is so much seperation between the two. Instead of working for unity, they were party against party. When a president steps up and talks to the parties, we might see improvement. If they all worked together, everyone would be better off. Will we see it? Probably not, but we could. Would the economy be better? Yes. One side wants this, the other this and that. Until there is common ground, it won't Remember 2001? Sept 11th? You saw a unity in America. Sadly, that would be the only way they see eye to eye, in the event of tragedy. Atleast we know if it was really bad, we would see common ground. This is just the way politics are. They never get to learn their lesson because nobody stands up and says anything. It's like two governments against each other. This is the reason we can't solve our problems right now with the economy. One side wants money, the other doesn't and so forth. This is why we are no longer first. The dollar has fell. China's economy is stronger. Lets just hope they learn before it is to late.

  3. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    the reason is because if one party is running the country and the other party helps them, come election time the first party will be seen as the party that got the country back on it's feet and they will win the next election. government parties are only good if they can bask in the glory , they are concerned about the country as much as holding onto power.

  4. Wayne Brown profile image85
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Ultimately because the emphasis is on winning in the end. One party or the other wants to dominate whenever possible. That is understandable except when it becomes the number 1 priority over America's welfare. When one is in the political arena and has reached that level in their thought process, they need to find another profession.  You have to ask yourself how many of the politicians you see nowadays really seem like the sort who have great compassion for the American public and have its welfare as their centerpiece. It's all rhetoric...politics is about selfish, self-centered, greed and power...always has been...always will be.  The only thing that changes that is the position the American people take when they do pay attention and we have a short attention span as most politicians realized long ago. WB

  5. AngusNz profile image60
    AngusNzposted 7 years ago

    A government without debate is not a democracy it is a dictatorship, everything in politics has to be contested in order to create the most balanced outcome. Only in extreme circumstances. (national tradgedies) is it acceptable not to argue the position, in a way it is positive conflict.