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I Dream of a day when ... ???

  1. writeido profile image72
    writeidoposted 7 years ago

    I Dream of a day when ... ???

    When everyone is happy and prosperous in the world. There are no borders or biases. When everyone is treated as equal and all differences are celebrated rather than looked down upon.
    What do you dream of???


  2. Jarn profile image81
    Jarnposted 7 years ago

    The easter bunny giving birth to an army of stale marshmallow peeps of doom. But what I'd really like is the strength, resolve, and wherewhithal of body and mind to do whatever is necessary to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of my family. I would sell everything short of my soul for that.

  3. 1WolfPack profile image57
    1WolfPackposted 7 years ago

    I dream of a day when I can take a load off and continue writing my novel. Which will be...Saturday.  tongue

  4. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    keep dreaming because it will never happen i'm sorry to say.

  5. kallini2010 profile image81
    kallini2010posted 7 years ago

    I love the expression "Dreams Have No Expiration Date"

    I don't even think...  But then if faced with such a question

    I dream of freedom to do what I like
    not to think that I have to earn a living
    it does not mean that I am lazy

    I wish I could be a dancer and dance every day
    I wish I could have an orphanage - I don't want children to grow up without parents, but it is a sad fact of life and I wish I could give them the best childhood possible (not that I have any qualifications other than love)

    I dream of being happy and being surrounded by people who understand me and whom I understand

    Dreams are ... dreams