Who really was behind 9/ 11?

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  1. Dennis Pace profile image60
    Dennis Paceposted 7 years ago

    Who really was behind 9/ 11?

    I know the official line about Osama Bin laden.  But too many things just dont add up.  What are other possibilities?


  2. Micky Dee profile image76
    Micky Deeposted 7 years ago

    For sure - the cover-up was the work of Cheney and company. George Bush was the president of the United States! It is under this watch that America refused to investigate the "supposedly terrorist attack". Well George Bush and company should be tried for obstructing justice and they should be punished for that treason. Nobody can prove to me that those towers came down as the news and government want us to believe. But as in the Kennedy investigation. MLK, etc. there will no investigation. The real investigations are on TV. Perry Mason, etc.
    We will never know how 911 really went down because of treason by the president and vice-president. But too many people are hung up on the capitalism that ain't working. It's slavery. The two party system makes sure we have two lawyers for every election. Lawyers refuse to run courtrooms properly. America is the most imprisoned nation on the face of the Earth. Our children are sent to war every few years. If this is "the plan" from our so called leaders - we are in hell! THIS is their plan? Nothing else like peace is fathomable? Make no mistake- the people "in charge" of us are selfish evil children. God bless America. It will take God to rescue America because the people are sheep.

  3. Zubair Ahmed profile image73
    Zubair Ahmedposted 7 years ago

    It is real travesty if justice in this world that  Muslims are blamed for something they had nothing to do with.  The 911 was a plot hatched by the US power brokers and Zionist machine of USA at the time.  Too many scientists, architects, explosives experts & engineers have already concluded that this was not pulled off by some some group of Muslim fundamentalists that actually don't even know their own religion and have to write very stupid letters to each telling them that they are Muslims and they need to do xyz before carrying out the activity.

    The funny thing is that they find one of the so called Muslim terrorists passport some 200-300 yards away from the twin towers, apparently according to expert opinion at the time it had dropped out of the plane when it exploded, to believe that you'd either have to be confined to the mental hospital or be a idiot that does not question the fodder that the media and US government feeds people.  You may want to check out my hub http://hubpages.com/t/1d1ef6

  4. alphonsians93 profile image57
    alphonsians93posted 7 years ago

    America made the 9/11.



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