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You're in an elevator. Which is more offensive, a belch or a "silent but deadly"

  1. sueroy333 profile image77
    sueroy333posted 7 years ago

    You're in an elevator. Which is more offensive, a belch or a "silent but deadly" fart?

    Please give reasonings to support your answer. This is completely unscientific and may be published in the Journal of non-Science.

  2. Jane Bovary profile image79
    Jane Bovaryposted 7 years ago

    Oh in a confined space definitely the silent but deadly fart. A belch is brutal but quick...but a fart? It's the lingering aspect....a slow, torturous offence to the olfactory sense.

  3. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 6 years ago

    The belch is so outward...the fart so covert as to leave all on board thinking the other one did it.  The fart lingers causing time in the enclosed elevator car to slow to a creep...torture! Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny!  WB

  4. Thesource profile image79
    Thesourceposted 6 years ago

    Maybe an elevator should have emergency oxygen masks  just like those found in aircraft.

    I fully understand the difficulty in holding back such gases. Many can't wait and accidental discharges are common.

    I do not know who I should sympathies with, the one who is failed to contain that involuntary gas bomb or the other innocent victims nearby.

  5. Edwin Chan profile image57
    Edwin Chanposted 6 years ago

    silent but deadly, because no-one will know who it is in a crowded lift, so can't move to one side.

  6. Uni_te profile image60
    Uni_teposted 6 years ago

    A fart, definitely. I congratulate loud burps, but silent farts are the worst

  7. netslums profile image83
    netslumsposted 6 years ago

    A belch. While the fart's effect may linger longer, the belch is a direct "in your face" behavior. A belch suggests that the person who does it is rude and doesn't care about the politeness that he/she should have towards the other occupants of the elevator. A "silent but deadly" fart suggests that the culprit TRIED to silence the fart out of respect to the rest of the people in the elevator, but simply couldn't hold it in any longer.

  8. mortgage-news profile image59
    mortgage-newsposted 6 years ago

    The fart.  You may not know who it is coming from if a silencer was used. (you may even get blamed for it when it was not you)  At least with the belch, you know who to blame.

  9. dsmythe profile image53
    dsmytheposted 6 years ago

    Far for sure. When you're in such a tight space that could be deadly especially if you have a long elevator ride.

  10. profile image0
    David99999posted 6 years ago

    I believe that foul-smelling gas emitted from the anus is more offensive than a belch.

  11. ConstantineNguyen profile image60
    ConstantineNguyenposted 6 years ago

    Would you prefer to die or to be tortured slowly ? A belch is like quick and doesn't leave much smell....but the silent fart slowly spreads around the elevator, tortures your nose, and makes you so ewwww LOL

  12. profile image0
    BenjaminBposted 6 years ago

    There is nothing on earth as bad as the SBD. If you are a professional rot gut SBD dropper you can carry it at full strength beyond the elevator. I'm yet to discover any culture where chitting your pants could be considered a compliment to the chef. Not to say there is a chef or even a meal being served in an elevator,but since it is considered more acceptable in some situations it most definitely would be less offensive and who knows,the burper may just be paying delayed respects.

  13. profile image0
    thedietviewposted 6 years ago

    a silent fart without a doubt especially in a elevator !!  best to squeeze the cheeks till u leave then let that bad boy out lol smile

  14. poorconservative1 profile image59
    poorconservative1posted 6 years ago

    Don't you ever do that again. I laughed so hard I almost puked. And that was just when I read the question. When I read some of the other answers I laughed so hard it hurt and I had to walk away from my computer and go splash some cold water in my face to calm down. I'm glad I'm home alone right now or my family might consider having me committed. But to answer your question, it would have to be the SBD because those are usually very rank. But that wouldn't be my biggest problem though. My biggest problem would be the fact that I would definitely get blamed for it, whether I did it or not, because I would be the one to burst out laughing.

  15. 2005Fleet profile image61
    2005Fleetposted 6 years ago

    I think the silent but deadly fart, that has to really stink it up!

    A burp you can always say excuse me and it won't smell as bad.

  16. Kofantom profile image81
    Kofantomposted 6 years ago

    I would choose the silent but deadly fart... I am talking from experience .. I always enjoy using my silent weapon in a crowded elevator big_smile

  17. tbartle profile image58
    tbartleposted 6 years ago

    A fart for sure. Burps seem much more sanitary to me than farts. Farting is just plain rude, and I won't start for it. It offends my delicate sensibilities. wink

  18. Hermes.Maat profile image53
    Hermes.Maatposted 6 years ago

    I think the silent but deadly fart is way more offensive. I mean I can tell who belched but the mystery of the fart lies in all the people in there, unless your with one other person. Then you can just move slowly away from the person while staring them in the eye. If I'm ever in the weirdest situation of my life where I am able to chose between a belch and a SBD fart in an elevator, I would definitely go with the belch. Maat out.

  19. Pixienot profile image75
    Pixienotposted 6 years ago

    Being a champion of belching, I'd have to vote for the deadly fart! After all, there might be a tiny doubt as to where it originated in the event there were more than two people on the elevator.

  20. sueroy333 profile image77
    sueroy333posted 6 years ago

    I would like to thank everyone for helping to answer my question. I believe the consensus is to belch, not fart if on an elevator with a group of people... unless I really enjoy watching reactions, and rancid smells don't bother me in the least!