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What problems can't the GOP solve by lowering taxes?

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    vettergtposted 7 years ago

    What problems can't the GOP solve by lowering taxes?

    Education needs improvement, cut taxes.  Infrastructure is in disrepair, cut taxes, Soc. Security is going to run out of money, cut taxes.  I heard the other day, the GOP proposed cutting taxes as a way to help Japan get their nuclear reactors under control.

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    Sam-Hookposted 7 years ago

    It is unfortunate that most of the government's money comes from two sources - Borrowing and Income Tax.  Keep in mind, when the G.O.P. talks about cutting taxes they refer primarily to the taxes of the wealthy top percentile - not the working class.  The trickle down theory is their cheap excuse for doing this.  Unfortunately, with free-trade agreements and the "world economy" the way it is - in order for corporations to turn the kind of profit they want then the money has to trickle elsewhere (at least until the standards of these third world countries rise, when the corporations close shop and look for cheaper labor elsewhere).  Cutting taxes allows the top percentile to make money hand over fist, but that money is never properly distributed amongst the populace of the U.S.  So, no problems are solved by cutting taxes the way that the G.O.P. wants -

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    GNelsonposted 7 years ago

    I heard yesterday that they were cutting real estate taxes for the homeless.  Who says they don't have a heart?

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    Alternative Primeposted 7 years ago

    Another very interesting development in light of the unprecedented and heart wrenching incident currently playing out in Japan is the GOP's unconscionable, borderline negligent decision to try and strip government subsidies awarded to Solar & Wind companies who design and develop environmentally friendly earth healing natural energy harvesting & production farms, and replace these well spent funds with massive monetary gifts for the construction of more, yes I repeat more, uranium & plutonium laced Nuclear Plants.

    Fortunately it was only agreed upon and passed by the GOP majority party in the house and doesn't have a radiating prayer in the Senate. Furthermore, if it did reach the President's desk, I'm highly confident it would be vetoed slightly faster than it takes a semi psychotic 10 ton elephant to systematically yet skillfully remove a big top circus tent from his/her premises.

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    Christopher Floydposted 7 years ago

    I'm pretty sure they can't create peace in the Middle East by cutting taxes. Or raising them.

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    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    They can't solve the spending problem to the degree necessary to bring things into control.  At this point, lowering taxes may not do a lot to stimulate things. There are too many other questions in the hopper that must be answered before business in going to come out of its shell...the ObamaCare question is looming large over American business at this point and really needs to be settled as quickly as possible.  Government must shrink and that is just not possible under the proposed ObamaCare plan. This government run healthcare will require even greater numbers of people to administrate than the current Medicare system.  So ObamaCare creates problems on multiple fronts all of which either directly effect the business climate or the growth of government and spending.  The public needs to grasp these things and realize that politicians are proposing things that America cannot afford and then using borrowed money to make the programs their legacy in history.  We are extremely stupid to continue on this path...it is total destruction in the making. WB

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    NEWSHAWKERposted 6 years ago

    Education needs improvement, really? Infrastructure is in disrepair, really? Take the District of Columbia  for example, their school system spends more money per student than most local jurisdictions in the nation, yet they have one of the worst school systems in the country. For all the money we spend on education, we are ranked near the bottom in the world! How is that investment working out huh? As for our infrastructure did you know that federal, state, and local government gets at least forty-eight cents or more per gallon of the price we for our gas, and the taxes are supposed be for roads and bridges? With the price of gas going up daily our governments are raking even more money? What happened to the money that was supposed to be held in a trust fund for the individuals to receive once the retired? Yes for social security, if money was held for you in  a trust fund until a certain age, wouldn't your trustee go to jail if he or she spent your trust fund when it was time to claim it? i say cut taxes so small businesses can have money to create jobs. i say cut taxes so i the citizen can go out and maybe buy a new car creating jobs for the auto worker, the insurance salesperson,more revenue to the government through the motor vehicle department. i say cut taxes to the rich because someone has to be paid to build the private jets, and those evil luxury automobiles. The government needs to spend according to it's intake of revenue; if you take in $3.6 trillion then spend only $3.6 trillion, if  you have more expenditures than revenue you cut them; simple economics. You know that plenty of waste exists in the  government, so if you follow this simple economic philosophy we can begin to recover from this financial mess. Remember the WHOLE story cutting taxes must be followed by cutting spending!