Is Europe doomed to be turned into an Islamic continuant

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    (Couly)posted 7 years ago

    Is Europe doomed to be turned into an Islamic continuant

    Has the political correctness and soft spots been exploited beyond repair there's is going to be more Muslims in Europe than actual Europeans statistically by 2050 can a country or continuant be over taken if a minority becomes the majority will the few people in control be taken over or will this maybe lead to war or ethnic cleansing this is only a question no offence intended. I just feel this could start a big war. and lots of innorcent life's could be lost

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    itsameanoldsceneposted 7 years ago

    For over 2000 years Islam has been in & around Europe (Moors in Spain) & has also been pushed back in the same way. Now, with the PC brigade & human rights like you say the dynamics has now changed & from a European's point of view this has become challenging & when governments claim to have some kind of multicultural utopia I do worry because it is plain to see all is not good. I do not think ethnic cleansing will & I hope will never happen in Europe again but some radicals on all sides of the fence could start a small war within a small nation be it between different ethnic origins or purely religious & maybe could spread, a little like what is going on in North Africa but not for the same reasons. Holy wars, civil wars & ethnic wars for 1000's of years have caused many innocent lives lost. where wars in Europe in the last 100 years have battled against fascism & to repel communism, now it seems to be all down to religion in the near & Middle East & the West's obsession with promoting democracy, but for some neutrals like me think it is about one thing & one thing only - Oil & soon to be the lack of it.