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Will President Obama tell the truth about the 2011-2012 budget that he sent to c

  1. JON EWALL profile image74
    JON EWALLposted 7 years ago

    Will President Obama tell the truth about the 2011-2012 budget that he sent to congress?

    On wed 4/13/11, President Obama will speak to the country regarding the budget ,economy and the deficit.WHO will get the blame this time around?

  2. ii3rittles profile image82
    ii3rittlesposted 7 years ago

    President Obama will never tell the truth. His name is Berry Soetoro. He was born in Africa, not the US, there for should not even be president but leave it to the ignorance of society to simply vote for him because of his color. I don't care what color a person is, if they are a liar they are a liar. I'm so fed up with the "government". I don't even vote, whats the use, it don't count anyway! Thats the God's honest truth!

  3. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 7 years ago

    Politicians never tell the whole truth. That is how they get elected. They try not to outright lie, but they don't mention unpleasant things that make themselves look bad. That's pretty much the nature of democracy, I'm sorry to say.

  4. peterxdunn profile image59
    peterxdunnposted 7 years ago

    Will Donald Rumsfeldt tell you where that (forgot how many) trillions of dollars went that the dept' defence lost? Or the plane load of palletized bank notes that disappeared in Iraq?

    Are the American people going to find out how much of their tax money was given away by only allowing Halliburton to tender for contracts in Iraq and Afghaistan? (What happened to competition?) Or how much Dick Cheney made by charging the American taxpayer 28 dollars for every burger and fries consumed by GIs on military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Forget the politics - its all about the money regardless of whichever party a politician belongs to.

    It 's like my dad always said, 'there 's no difference between them - they all p!ss in the same pot,'

  5. DannyMaio profile image60
    DannyMaioposted 7 years ago

    NEVER! he is a Liar and snake, he claims transparency but he will not release any of his info. how can you trust him, or any politician for that matter.

  6. Wayne Brown profile image85
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Let's get something clear here, Jon. Obama does not know what the truth actually is at this point.  He is simply an instrument of George Soros' invention who is bent on the destruction of America.  He has a boatload of greed-stricken elected officials in the Senate and House willing to support him in the effort as long as their pockets get lined in the process.  Spending, budgets, debt, crude oil...it's all a joke at this point and all neatly and ineptly accounted for in terms of making sure that America never see another good day...budget...we don't need no stinkin' budget! WB