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What Color is Your Soul?

  1. Golfgal profile image85
    Golfgalposted 6 years ago

    What Color is Your Soul?

    In a situation of prejudice where color of skin was being discussed....I asked, what color is  your soul?

  2. N.E. Wright profile image80
    N.E. Wrightposted 6 years ago

    Wow, deep question.  LOL.

    Okay, I guess if you are a really horrible being it would be very dark like mud -- to me -- no matter your race. 

    If you are kind and caring it would be clear; transparent.  That -- again -- would apply to all races.

    I do not really have a color for the soul expect dark for bad and clear for good.

    Thanks for this thought provoking question.

    I am going to share it on Face-Book.

    Take Care,


  3. Shahid Bukhari profile image60
    Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years ago


    In Islamic understanding ... we go beyond, Color or Racial prejudices.

    For Human Soul ... is not tainted by Color ... Caste, Race, Creed, Superiorities, or Nationality ...

    The Human's distinguishing Physical  characteristic, are Physical Features ... So that people, may Recognize ... one, another.

    The Only Ideal Distinction, of Humans, is "Taqwa" ... the human's Doing Good, In Fearing, God's Retribution ... And Believing ... in His Rewarding the Good, and Punishing the evil

    Ostensibly, the Animal's soul, not only has Color, and Racial differences, but,also Distinguishing Forms, with distinct Behavioral differences ...

    Behavioral differences, distinguish Humans from Animals ...
    These animal "Differences" help one animal Species subdue their fellow inhabitants, in the wilderness of Numbers ...

  4. DanielBing1 profile image73
    DanielBing1posted 6 years ago

    I always associate everyone I know with a color. It's just something I've done since I was a kid. There's no real set criteria for it other than a vague feeling. However I never could figure one out for myself.