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Is the issue of where President Obama was born now over?

  1. crankalicious profile image95
    crankaliciousposted 6 years ago

    Is the issue of where President Obama was born now over?

  2. DTroth profile image67
    DTrothposted 6 years ago

    No.  I don't think it is.  Anybody can create a fake birth certificate on their computer via the Internet if you know what you're doing.  And especially somebody with clout like the President? 

    No...I'm not buyin' it.  Why did it take him sooooo long to produce it in the first place?

    ...maybe his printer was out of ink.

    I heard that in his upcoming interview with Oprah, he didn't want her to be able to put him on the spot and ask him about his B.C.  So he magically produced one all of a sudden, just before the interview was to take place.

    It's all BS, just like everything else he does and says and stands for.

    But maybe that's just ME!  (:

  3. Dexter Yarbrough profile image82
    Dexter Yarbroughposted 6 years ago

    I hope so. Let's focus on the economy, high unemployment and high gas prices and find solutions.

  4. Daffy Duck profile image60
    Daffy Duckposted 6 years ago

    It should have been over 3 years ago when he released the short form version of his berth certificate, but yes it is over with now.

  5. Winter Maclen profile image72
    Winter Maclenposted 6 years ago

    I really hope so. It is just so smoke-and-mirrors so people don't focus on real issues. We need to stop staring at the nonsense and get the country working together again.

  6. Faceless39 profile image93
    Faceless39posted 6 years ago

    No, of course not.  The question will always be there, and it'll come up from time to time forever.  But I think the major interest in the whole topic is a little stale and maybe we'll get some rest.