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What should America do after killing Osama Bin Laden?

  1. jpcmc profile image89
    jpcmcposted 7 years ago

    What should America do after killing Osama Bin Laden?

    After the celebrations and congratulations, what do you think America should do after finally getting Bin Laden?

  2. Credence2 profile image82
    Credence2posted 7 years ago

    This is a good time for the president to plan an exit from the region. Enough blood has been spilled over the last 10 years, much of it in the name of capturing this one man. How do we justify this? It is time to come home out from a region of hopeless quagmire.

  3. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    While I know it was necessary to take out Bin Laden, I hate to see dancing in the streets over the death of anyone.  Now we need to be vigilant because Al-quada is not going to let this go.

  4. Mr. Happy profile image82
    Mr. Happyposted 7 years ago

    Grab some Margaritas, inflatable mattresses and hit the beach (preferably somewhere were the sand has no oil mixed-in).

  5. Corrie Lamprecht profile image76
    Corrie Lamprechtposted 6 years ago

    America should start to worry about themselves.  Stop interference in other countries.  If they don't change that issue fast - and withdraw all foreign based troops the USA is going to suffer severely.

    The bin Laden fiasco cost the USA much more than they can afford; in World image, financially and lives. Because of all the costs involved with 'Bin Laden' and 'Sadam Husein' the USA of today is near bankrupt. 

    Had they used that Money of War and rather spend it within the USA; employ more security measures, create employment, etc; the country would be different today.  I am happily not American.  Now days I also find none of our international suppliers wants to be paid in USD anymore; preference is to Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan, Australian Dollars. . .

    America should get its troops back to the States; they are needing them rather to help with rebuilding after this latest series of natural events.

  6. lifelovemystery profile image92
    lifelovemysteryposted 6 years ago

    Osama is dead and the taliban have been chased from the region. We met goals #1 and #2. When the first goal had been met we should have immediately implemented the draw-down and exit strategy.

    There is no reason for our troops to remain in the region.