Should we still be pursuing the war in Afghanistan even after we killed Osama Bi

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  1. Chupp22 profile image69
    Chupp22posted 7 years ago

    Should we still be pursuing the war in Afghanistan even after we killed Osama Bin Laden?

    Among the "many" reasons we are fighting this war in Afghanistan, was Terrorism. Well we have killed hundreds of their terrorist leaders already. Will we ever be done with this war or why do you think we are are still fighting it?

  2. Rajan Dhir profile image69
    Rajan Dhirposted 7 years ago

    The answer to the second question that would it (the war) ever be over is somewhat of a tricky nature. It has Yes and No both, as the answers. The purpose of war in Afghanistan is terrorism and Osama was the biggest challenge. Now, as he has been killed, it would be relatively easier to run over the remaining number of terrorist groups and their leaders. This is the time when the actions would start showing encouraging results. The need is to make local people aware about the good work being done by the forces.

  3. tngolfplayer profile image69
    tngolfplayerposted 7 years ago

    This is a tricky question.  Will all terrorist ever be completely eliminated? Probably not.  I think our troops need to be home as soon as possible, and rely on our intelligence department to handle gathering information to make informed precision missions.

  4. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    The business of being in Afghanistan is to ferret out the terrorists and their base of operations so they do not have a breeding ground in which to flourish and spill onto our own shores. It is lot like taking care of a cockroach just about has to kill them all to wipe out the reproduction and expansion of the infestation.  While Bin Laden was a catalyst for terrorism and a symbol of leadership, he certainly was not the only dangerous man involved in the terrorism scenario and with a network still in place, others will eventually riset to fill his role.  Killing Bin Laden may hold some symbolism in that America is showing its persistence to hunt down the leader in the terrorist acts perpetrated on our shores but we also have to be true to the mission of continuing to eradicate terrorists whereever the may be.  That message must come across crystal clear if we are to surpress the motivations and desires of young minds bent on joining these ranks over time. The war on terrorism may never end though it may at some point become pointless in Afghanistan as the terrorist base moves to other regions of the world with less resistance.  As long as they can find seclusion and buy time to train, we remain in danger as a target of their hatred.  We must keep the pressure on and not allow them to develop their ranks or their strengths thus depriving them of the statistical odds they require to successfully pull off another event like that of 9-11. WB

  5. ALUR profile image61
    ALURposted 7 years ago

    I wish the "we" really had a say in the matter. I feel that we are all over the place where money and oil and appeasing Israel seems to be the only concern we have.

    Sufficed to say, while we muddle in other cultures bearing arms and arrogance, we have poverty, unwed mothers, homeless and true struggles here at home. Who will help us?

    I only pray/wish we can focus on justice to those in need not in making more territorial conquests. Hate breeds hate.


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