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What, in your opinion, is the current aim and purpose of the American criminal j

  1. emichael profile image79
    emichaelposted 6 years ago

    What, in your opinion, is the current aim and purpose of the American criminal justice system?

    Specifically incarceration and punishment. I am researching for a hub I have been working on and would like some feedback from you fine people. I need to know what the various preconceptions are. Talk about anything you like, but here are some questions that may help:
    What does it attempt to accomplish?
    What does it actually accomplish?
    Do they align?
    If not then why?
    How has it changed over the years?
    Is it resistant to change? Why?
    Specific examples are helpful, if you have them.


  2. ZIa Ahmed khan profile image80
    ZIa Ahmed khanposted 6 years ago

    This world's worst system of justice. This system is self centered and keep America at center of all. This system is not good in global village. You can not use Super 301 when ever you want.
    America do not want environmental committment , i.e. Kyoto Protocal.
    Do no want to sign international criminal court. Why only poor should be punished. This increases hostilities against America.

  3. someonewhoknows profile image76
    someonewhoknowsposted 6 years ago

    The Aim seems to be to control people who don't agree with those who run the system.For example People who are not a danger to society ,but are incarcerated for long periods of time by private prisons for profit. A few judges were caught sending underage juviniles to long term prison sentances for minor offences for profit.

    The system is corrupt.

  4. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    When income disparity exists on the level that it currently does - violent revolutions occur.  Our overlords today know that if they lock up a sizable portion of the healthy men and women, then it weakens family structure to the point that individuals are more easily moulded to fit the state's design of sheep - bot/slave.

    Also, it helps to tip the scales of fear in a populace - the notion that your door could be kicked in at any moment, even if it's an "Uh Oh!  Sorry bout your dead father - we were at the wrong address!  Toodles!"

    Factor in just a dash of private prison profits for the boys on the share holders committee, and you've got a societal carcinogenic dish sure to make your guests "ooh," and "ah!"

    Hell, how are we supposed to compete with the Chinese in the realm of trinkets of absolutely negligible value without prison slave Labor?

    Try to put yourself in someone like David Rockefeller's shoes for once -   What would emperor Palpentine say were you to report that the minions were all enjoying prosperity and freedom, and all that stuff that you are supposed to promote but secretly smoke like 40 foot Babylonian Deities?

  5. profile image0
    Valoric Fireposted 6 years ago

    To condition the citizens from dissent.  It is absolutely a control mechanism based on fear of reprisal when operating outside the confines of what BIG government,industry and business decide for the dutiful masses of complacent American citizens obsessed with Hollywoodism and pop culture.  The media feeds off the drama and creates a bread and circus atmosphere regarding celebrities and the law.  It is distraction.  The real criminal activities are rarely reported and almost never prosecuted (White Collar/Wall Street accountability) - However, the poor unemployed college drop out is quickly tazed, apprehended and charged with a felony for 20 grams of marijuana possession in Florida. So much for a future considering the rate of first time NON-VIOLENT offenenders that are jailed in America.