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Are you worried about America's (the US) future? Why or Why not?

  1. Harlan Colt profile image74
    Harlan Coltposted 6 years ago

    Are you worried about America's (the US) future? Why or Why not?

    I am interested in other people's outlook of our times.

  2. TeaPartyCrasher profile image73
    TeaPartyCrasherposted 6 years ago

    I am, as I see so many Americans being convinced by fear to vote against their economic interests and support corporations in there desire to create a state of, by and for them.

    But I also see hope in the efforts of people in places like Ohio and Wisconsin to fight back against this.

    What does that make me--I don't know. . .

  3. PETER LUMETTA profile image56
    PETER LUMETTAposted 6 years ago

    I unfortunately have been a very pessimistice guy on what is going on in this country. The corporations and lunatic fringe seems to have taken over. All the dummies in washington do is want to inflict more pain on the middle and lower classes by saying there is no money when in fact over One trillion dollars of our taxes is lost to fraud, waste and downright theft each year, And if you add in the wars there is another trillion dollars. We don't have enough for medicare? Give me a break. We don't have enough for the dummies in Washington to have their own medical plan and their lifetime retirement at full pay and all the money they suck up. Wake Up America! Read this HUB
    America, a Nation in Crisis so who is to blame?

  4. Harlan Colt profile image74
    Harlan Coltposted 6 years ago

    I try to live by this rule:
    1. Buy from "Mom and Pop" small business.
    2. Buy Local
    3. Buy American
    4. Only buy foreign if you have no other choice.

    We the people have the power through our spending dollar to bring back our economy and our jobs if we would largely follow these rules.

    The large corporations cannot force you to buy their goods and services. They twist our arms to buy them because they are often cheaper. But every time you buy something that is cheaper from a foreign nation,  in many cases someone somewhere is getting paid pennies, working 16 hour days, standing in diapers and gets beat if they do not make their quota of production.

    Yes it will cost us more in the beginning until we bring our jobs and our industry back, but it will not take long to do.

    But to answer your question, What does that make you?

    It sounds to me that you are still on the fence, undecided. It sounds like you are looking for answers that will allow you to make a decision based on the ethics of your conscience. And you will when the pieces of the puzzle become more clear.

    Best Wishes,
    - Harlan