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Do you think the world will ever be peacefull.Or do you think wars will for on f

  1. jake13edward profile image58
    jake13edwardposted 6 years ago

    Do you think the world will ever be peacefull.Or do you think wars will for on forever.

  2. minimal_mystic profile image55
    minimal_mysticposted 6 years ago

    ye, humans as a society have adopted and rejected many ideas through history. war is just a meme complex that be rejected easily

  3. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    i think this question has been asked a hundred times on here.

  4. profile image0
    klevifushaposted 6 years ago

    Why do people talk about "humans" as if they're not one? Stop acting like a freaking philosopher minimal_mystic because I promise you, you fail at it miserably.
    To answer your question, we will fight each other until we're all dead.

  5. Julie Cole profile image58
    Julie Coleposted 6 years ago

    This world will never be peaceful because everyone puts themselves first.  Once we put others in front of ourselves war will cease.  The only problem is no one can do this 100% of the time...or even 50% of the time.  The short answer is we will have peace from war someday, but it won't happen until something changes everyone.

  6. sturner1 profile image67
    sturner1posted 6 years ago

    Sadly as long as there are valuable resources to be gained from other countries wars will continue to rage on. For as much money as they cost, they are money makers as well, and the sad part is (In America) we need to look at these politicians who are so hell bent on starting them, and see what companies they are tied to, and whether or not they will reap the benefits of war. I guess it's true what they say, "To the victor goes the spoils"...........

  7. kwade tweeling profile image91
    kwade tweelingposted 6 years ago

    I believe one day we will grow to a point that we no longer fight each other.

    I see evidence of more people choosing love every day.

  8. crazymom3 profile image74
    crazymom3posted 6 years ago

    I don't mean to be negative but I think the reality is no.   I ponder on my dinner table.  Peace is not achievable in a continuum even among family.  We humans seem to be wired with an animalistic instinct to attack each other.  Jesus was an amazing example of self-control and restraint that most of us humans seem unable to posses.  We do not seem capable of mastering the ability to allow others to hurt us without hurting them back, and there is a lot of hurt in the world.  If we all followed the commandment to love our God with all our hearts, mind,  body, and soul and then our neighbor as well--perhaps it could happen, but turning the other cheek willingly is a easier said then done.  Only very few people have such pure and amazing souls.

  9. profile image0
    Marie-AnneLeClercposted 6 years ago

    We cannot know the future but 'pray' -Pray for our World to find Peace, Love and Joy.........

  10. lostdogrwd profile image61
    lostdogrwdposted 6 years ago

    for peace you need love and for love you need Jesus Christ. and if you don't want to know Christ how can the people know love. its the love of money and getting things and that coveting. and that will always bring hate for other people and wars.

  11. profile image0
    msivakumarposted 6 years ago

    As long as politicians and media are there we are going to fight with each other !!

  12. JON EWALL profile image74
    JON EWALLposted 6 years ago

    ‘’Do you think the world will ever be peaceful .Or do you think wars will for….forever.’’
    A SIMPLE NO!  As long as there is evil in the world there will never be peace. The struggle between good and evil has been a part of our world from the beginning of time.