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The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is coming: where were you that day ten years ago w

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    prektjr.dcposted 6 years ago

    The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is coming: where were you that day ten years ago when you heard?

    The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is coming....where were you that day ten years ago when you heard about the attacks on the twin towers in New York City and the US Pentagon and what was your initial reaction?

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    prektjr.dcposted 6 years ago

    I was a substitute teacher in a middle school science classroom.  The school secretary came bursting through the door and said to turn on the television and keep the students in the classroom until further notice.  I sat in shock, trying to answer the students' questions as best as I could.   I called my mother, woke her up and told her to turn on the TV...there was a crisis!  The first moment they opened the hallways for students to change classes, I found my middle schooler son then my high school aged daughter in the hallways and hugged them.  My first opportunity I went down to the elementary and hugged my youngest child.   The building is Kindergarten through 12th grade all under one roof and all three of my children were there.  I just needed to touch them to feel a bit normal again.  Just a reassurance of their safety though I knew we were all fine!  On my lunch break I drove to the gas station and filled up my car with gas, just in case of price hikes.

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    ImYoungAtHeartposted 6 years ago

    Our family was at Universal Studios, we were literally clueless until they finally closed the parks sometime after noon. We didn't understand why, none of the attendants would give any reasons but as we walked by the shops we saw people surging around the tv and finally saw the devastation. We were herded out the gates told we could get refund tickets and everyone walked to their cars in shock. We sat all day by the tv in our hotel room wondering if the parks would be next, wondering if we should cancel and go home like so many other people were doing. Our family in Nebraska offered to drive to Florida to come and get us.  But we stuck it out went back to the parks in a couple of days to new security policies and lines to get bags of all sizes checked. The only good part was that the parks were nearly empty the rest of our stay. But the images of that day and the loss of all those lives will be with us forever.  God bless all those families.

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    NMLadyposted 6 years ago

    It was very early in the morn.  (AZ time)
    ~The radio alarm went off and the news was that some bomb had gone off in NY somewhere.  (NPR)
    ~Then reporters who were now on the roof in NY said they thought a plane had hit the Towers. (NPR)
    ~We switched to cable news and SAW the second one hit. (CNN)
    ~the dog needed her walk RIGHT THEN....I took her but she got a very short one so that I could go back in a watch the news.
    ~Even though I went to work, not much beyond discussing this got done that day.

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    erikjohnsonposted 6 years ago

    I remember it well.  I was just getting out of the shower and getting dressed for work.  Watched it all on TV that morning.  We actually closed our office that day.  It was for sure a stressful day.  My initial reaction was shock and revenge.

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    ktrappposted 6 years ago

    When the first tower was hit I was standing outside with my daughter at her bus stop. When the second tower was hit I was inside on the phone with my sister who normally works in NYC but wasn't that day, with the t.v. on. I was just speechless, horrified and profoundly sad. I cannot believe almost ten years has passed.

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    Rosemary Banksposted 6 years ago

    I had just dropped my car off to Midas to have some repairs done and when I returned to work my co-workers told me what happened. I was totally in shock and a bit uncomfortable what was going to happen next. That was truly a sad day for the American people.

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    anancelesteposted 6 years ago

    Wow. I was on my lunch brake in the teachers launge. And I heard the secretary talking to someone on the phone about it. I went cold inside. I was living in Puerto Rico back then and most of my family lived in Manhattan. My aunt worked in the one of the towers. I took my purse, excused myself with the principal collected my girls from the kindergarden and asked a neighbor to pick up my son from headstart. I went to my grandmothers home, and called my mom. She was hysterical because no one knew were her sister was. This was around the time the first tower fell. It came night, around 7:40 pm I recieve a call from my brother, that she found herself stranded in traffic, she was at a bussines breackfast when it happened. When she tryed to come back, the bridge was blocked. She left the SUV there, walked and arived at her apartment around 7:00 pm. That was one of the worst days in my life. I fell asleep crying for all those people.