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  • Romantic Gifts For Your Sweetheart

    Romantic Gifts For Your Sweetheart

    10 years ago

    It’s January and already a few romantic souls are wondering what to give their sweethearts for Valentine’s Day. The question asked was if they should get flowers or something else. As a wife, I never expected flowers for Valentine’s Day...

  • Coat Flip

    Coat Flip

    11 years ago

    How many times have you had to convince your child to get their coat on only to end up starting over because they keep putting the wrong arm in the arm holes? Wouldn’t you love to know an easy way that even a two year old can put their coat on by...

  • Art of French Kissing

    Art of French Kissing

    10 years ago

    Think of French kissing as a slow dance, sensuous, teasing, exploring, tender and yet building in urgency at times, and playful. You want them longing for more even if you have been kissing for hours.

  • Characteristics We Look For In A Possible Mate

    Characteristics We Look For In A Possible Mate

    12 years ago

    My niece had a song posted up on her facebook the other day called Findin’ A Good Man by Danielle Peck and it got me to wondering what is the difference between what women are looking for and what men are looking for in a potential mate. The song...

  • Advice For Teenagers

    Advice For Teenagers

    12 years ago

    5 Most Important Things You Want Your Teenager To Know There are plenty of books out there to read about raising a teenager. And I do not confess to be an expert by any means. I'm just a teacher and a mom of now college age kids. And through the...

  • Fun Birthday Party Games

    Fun Birthday Party Games

    11 years ago

    Did you ever have one of those moments where you couldn’t wait to discover your mom’s or grandmother’s big mysterious secret about something they were an expert at. Mine was my grandmother’s book of party games. She always threw the best...

  • Life Is Like A Beach Ball

    Life Is Like A Beach Ball

    11 years ago

    Is your life like a beach ball in God's hands? Sometimes no matter how much I’ve tried to bring order to my life, it feels like my life's a beach ball. I have had goals in my life, to finish school, to become a teacher, to get married and...

  • Getting To Know Someone Online Quickly and Easily

    Getting To Know Someone Online Quickly and Easily

    10 years ago

    Online dating, it’s such a game of chance. It’s scary, it’s exciting, it can be heart breaking or fun and flirtatious. You read their profile and look at their picture and wonder is that really who they are. How old is the picture? How short...

  • Singing To Your Children

    Singing To Your Children

    11 years ago

    Have you ever wondered why a teacher of young children sings so many songs in a day? It’s not because she likes to hear her own voice. But rather it’s because it soothes children and helps them focus their attention. Whether you are soothing...

  • Some Days Are Like That

    Some Days Are Like That

    11 years ago

    You ask, "How'd your day go?" My question back to you sis is, "Do you really want to know". And the ones in my head are where do I start and will she even believe me. The names in this artcle have been changed to protect the not so innocent lol....

  • Observations by a Preschool Teacher

    Observations by a Preschool Teacher

    12 years ago

    Through the years how many times have I wished, “Oh if only I could say to the parent, here’s our take on the situation, take this bit of advice and see if it helps.” But you don’t cause the parent is in a hurry or has just had enough on...

  • Developing Online Relationships

    Developing Online Relationships

    12 years ago

    I have been dating online for over a year now. Over all I would say, this is definitely an avenue worth exploring for yourself if you want to start dating again. There are many different dating websites and I have tried several. Most allow you to...

  • Shoes on the right feet

    Shoes on the right feet

    12 years ago

    How much precious time have you spent as a parent helping children with their shoes on? You are rushed you needed to get out that door 5-10 minutes ago and your child wants to put his/her shoes on by themselves. Yes its a great skill they are...


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