Why is terrorism on the rise?

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  1. rajan jolly profile image93
    rajan jollyposted 7 years ago

    Why is terrorism on the rise?

    Is increase in fanaticism the reason for this ?

  2. drdspervez profile image66
    drdspervezposted 7 years ago

    Yes and job less youth .

                                 DR.DURRESHAHWAR PERVEZ

  3. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 7 years ago

    Oil, Drugs, Arms sales, Power, pick your choice or create your own.

  4. Jonesy0311 profile image61
    Jonesy0311posted 7 years ago

    Uneducated and underemployed masses, particularly the young. Add that to poverty and intrusive foreign policy and you have a large pool o potential terrorists with an identifiable target.

  5. ElderYoungMan profile image77
    ElderYoungManposted 7 years ago

    Hunger will cause fanaticism!  A belief that you should eat will cause a starving person to hate someone that has stolen all of the world resources.  So what some people call terrorism is more terror for them, because the people that they have stolen from will kill them or die to eat and feed their families.  The definition of "Terrorism" has been expanded here in the US has been expanded to include the angry poor.  Police here have been trained for urban insurrection and containment, why?  Because any person that take to the streets will be deemed a terrorist before too long.  So yes, as the poverty increases, so will civil unrest and associated "Terrorism".

  6. ii3rittles profile image81
    ii3rittlesposted 7 years ago

    I can sit here and list all the reasons why, but I will just name the two biggest...

    Money & Power.

  7. terrektwo profile image83
    terrektwoposted 7 years ago

    I would say like any crime as economic and social structure breaks down people become more bitter and hate is on the rise.

  8. Trevor Davis profile image54
    Trevor Davisposted 7 years ago

    is it on the rise? Or has america only gotten more aware?

  9. Allen Williams profile image82
    Allen Williamsposted 7 years ago

    I believe there is one reason why terrorism is on the rise and that is because there are too many passive people in this world that do nothing to stop it.  It doesn't matter what country it is, terrorism needs to be attacked head on and stop with the cries that we need to keep the peace.  Peace is only possible if you attack the opposition to peace.  It is every person's duty in the entire world to fight against terrorism.  It needs to be done on a global level, a national level, and an individual level.  If you see a wrong, fight to make it right.  Stop being passive!  Terrorist need to be attacked with every power non-stop across the globe until there isn't a terrorist alive that has the guts to want to cause terror ever again.  It will decline if people stop arguing over attacking the terrorist.  Wipe them all out.  The United States has been leading the war on terror but if we didn't have to do it almost by ourselves and other countries would chip in to fight instead of being quiet about it, then it would decline to virtually non-existent in a short time.

  10. Marcy-Lipton profile image61
    Marcy-Liptonposted 7 years ago

    because we give it attention.

    and they have the means to draw attention.

    The root word in terrorism is terror and terrible things aren't ignored.

  11. writer21 profile image51
    writer21posted 7 years ago

    Because everyone wants to become a leader. Everyone wants power and money.


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