What should the American Taxpayer do to recoup and recover from the Automotive a

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  1. LAURENS WRIGHT profile image57
    LAURENS WRIGHTposted 6 years ago

    What should the American Taxpayer do to recoup and recover from the Automotive and other Bailouts ?

  2. somethgblue profile image85
    somethgblueposted 6 years ago

    Pay off all your debts, including credit cards and accrue no more. Give of your time to others less fortunate than you and begin to practice whenever possible the barter system.

    Be willing to no longer play the credit game, plant a garden and try to feed yourselves, through barter and giving.

  3. profile image55
    wim99posted 6 years ago

    Interestingly, there is a great book I read last night on this subject entitled: " The New American Tea Party" The book details the many bailouts, handouts, reckless spending, and tax issues. No one knows for sure exactly what to do as individuals against big government, but somebody should at least be interested in the failures that our US government makes!

  4. Lions Den Media profile image59
    Lions Den Mediaposted 6 years ago

    You need to vote for anyone other than Obama and I mean someone that will replace Obama. Until there are changes in tax and economic policies there is not a great deal one can do. But then that assertion is predicated on the individuals resources. If Obama's current corporate tax "reduction" scheme will actually increase tax rates, such as increasing capital gains rates to over 40% from 15% predicated on some misguided illusion that only rich people receive dividends and capital gains.

    Most people have retirement and investment accounts. And average retired people depend on dividends to supplement social security. So until we have political stability Americans and the world, will continue to experience economic instability and future uncertainty.

  5. veritorogue profile image59
    veritorogueposted 6 years ago

    The American tax payer can't completely recoup what was lost bailing out losers. Whether it saved us from a tragic economic collapse or not, the corporate/government complex set up the conundrum. The middle class tax payer will pay for the bailouts and their quality of life will suffer for decades to come. These loser companies that were saved by their crony friends will weigh down this country for years.

    My advice would be for the American tax payer to move into the future where creativity and entrepreneurship will rule. Ensuring that you are not dependent on any one factor that is out of your control for your livelihood and security will also provide some peace of mind.


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