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My Name is Laurens and I think outside the box,

write about those topics that are not talked about and

discuss events that are not even on the list of being

talked about.

So much is happening around the world, there are

more and more that needs to come to the attention of

the public that is NOT covered by the media. So many

topics are left out or brushed over or just plain covered

up, so these are the ones that need to be written about

to let people know and see.

Some of the topics that you will see here are those that

are survival topics to make a person aware of what could

happen and the dangers associated with the events.

Survival needs to be planned now, not when the event

happens. Whether it would be a wind storm that would

knock out electricity for days or a massive Electromagnetic

Pulse from the sun or from another nation, a person needs to

prepare with the basic essentials that would keep that

person and family alive for an extended period of time.

Another part of my writings consists of an end times novel

that prepares Earth for the final conflict and battle that would

either save the Earth's enhabitants or destroy all people,

animals and vegatation. The fate will be on the resistance,

preparation, intelligence and preseverence of the people.

This novel is called, "THEY COMETH; EARTH'S SURVIVAL".

I love to cook and prepare great dishes. Plain and simple,

I have a weak spot for good tasting food that almost

everyone enjoys, asks for recepes and always empies

the plate or bowl of goodies.

In my late life "(50's) graduated Limestone College, Gaffney,

South Carolina with a Business Degree and this was

a fantastic at my age. I can say that I actually worked

harder that I ever had just to prove a point and the fact

that I had been out of education for some time and just

plain had to strive more to achieve more.

I have always been interested in the end days and in Revelation

in the Bible, but now, I have a lot of interest in Survival of the

cities, the economy and of people.

Please comment on my hubs and please give me feedback. I

am new to this and I really covet your input.

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