What taboo topic should be more accepted?

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  1. Sue B. profile image94
    Sue B.posted 6 years ago

    What taboo topic should be more accepted?

    What is a topic people tend to avoid but you would like to see discussed more often?  Why would it be beneficial to bring this topic into the mainstream?

  2. Kebennett1 profile image59
    Kebennett1posted 6 years ago

    Hmmm. That is a good question. I believe most topics are discussed openly here on Hubpages. What I see though is that hot topics like religion, homosexuality, abortion and issues like these, when they are discussed promote two types of people, those who are willing to give their opinion without trying to hurt anyone, purposely put anyone down, purposely start an argument, ect.... and those who jump in with their guns slinging from the very start. I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion and to support their opinion with why they believe that way. I have respect for those who can have an honest "debate" with these topics without name calling, mud slinging, and antagonizing each other purposely. I find it very hard to respect those who are simply on here to start a verbal war,  an argument instead of stating their position and supporting it rationally without all the mudslinging. I would love to chime in on a lot of topics but have stepped away from many because of the hatred I see spilled out on both sides of the subject. I really believe that as intelligent human beings we ARE capable of debating without stooping to such actions.

  3. eye say profile image79
    eye sayposted 6 years ago

    Discussing colon and bowel issues and the problems that surround them has become an epidemic in our society and no one wants to discuss it.
    Why? no one wants to talk about poop.
    The reality is it needs to be discussed and dealt with, awareness needs to spread everywhere so that we can prevent the decease from growing even more in our society.
    Talking about it is a start, being aware that we all know someone who is hiding the decease will help to get people recognizing it as a real problem that is getting worse and not better.
    Don't know if it's allowed but here is a link to a hub I just finished writing about the issue.

    Great question, thanks for asking it.

  4. Joelipoo profile image81
    Joelipooposted 6 years ago

    Race is one taboo topic that is often avoided.  People are only keeping racism alive by being so sensative.  Affirmative action, race based scholarships, and other things only breed racism.

  5. Stevethepainter profile image61
    Stevethepainterposted 6 years ago

    Topic Sugestion:  Correcting other people's misbehaving children in Public.

    I am old enough to remember the horrified looks of my parents when my juvenile behavior got so bad that "other people " would have to correct me.  Then, after we got home, I was RE-Corrected about my wayward behavior, to doubly instill the lesson.

    And you know what? it worked!.   

    Twixt then and now,  the public acceptance of "other people" stepping in when ones' children are running amok has evaporated.

    It is now one of the biggest social taboos: "getting into some one else's business".

    I would suggest that the right to privacy in public is only acceptable up to the point where ones' public behavior - including the bahavior of children - infringes on the rights of OTHER people.

    So, for the loud-mouth on the  cell in the movies, and the whiney brat in line who can't decide between deep-fat-fried lard and deep-fat-fried butter.. and all the rest of the people who are SO self-important that they must inflict themselves on the rest of us in so many thoughtless inconsiderations.... I would hope that this social taboo against me reaching across and reminding you with a look, a word, or even a light tap on your shoulder would change.

    That's my choice. What would you like to see changed?


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