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New To Site... Have only posted a few things? Research Post Soon...

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    Rnoble74posted 8 years ago

    Hello Friends,

    Just here to announce my support for all of you excellent folks, souls and such...  Writing is a great outlet for all of us no doubt!  I plan only to write and use my writing to help others, lift up when needed and only throw out positive things; things also, which need severe and drastic change...  Such being atrocities against human rights, political rights especially, right to free speech, Declaration Of Independence and infinitely on???  Hope I can get some support from all you excellent contributors here, who many I am reading everyday and joining their fan base!

    Much best always, keep the creative juiced flowing always, no to writers block, have a great Holliday Season(s) all and hope to get some traffic or emails...

    Much Peace,
    Rich USERNAME Is Rnoble74

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    Dame Scribeposted 8 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages, Rnoble smile I'm sure you will find quite a varied crowd with their thoughts on the various subjects.

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      Rnoble74posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Dear Dame, wow, how sudden...  I expected all were in their beds, and me the only insomniac in the world (ha, ha)?  My jokes are dopey, but we can only try right?  I will definitely join up with you and visit your hubs, articles, plights and such or so on...  I'd be so thrilled to have you as a fan also, or leave any comments, good or bad, but any good ideas shoot them my way...  I took a ton of English, Writing and some Journalism and kind of pissed it away over the years, as depression (sucks) takes all interests away like a thief in the night!  I'm back though!  Going to take my writing studies far, by attending school, taking all the writing available; saving up lots (lol);-)  Thanks again, by the way I love your photo, you look very attractive, hope you don't mind me saying this?  Thanks again Dame Scribe!

      Much Peace, Sincerity and Respect,
      Rnoble74 (Rich)

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    CMHypnoposted 8 years ago

    Some of us Hubbers are in a different time zone you know!  There's a whole load of us Brits, and plenty of Hubbers from Africa, Asia, Australia and NZ.  You will find that HubPages never sleeps - there is always someone around on the forums. smile