Is Obama Ready for Diplomacy when He's Feuding with Netanyahu?

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  1. Cassie Smith profile image60
    Cassie Smithposted 10 years ago

    Is Obama Ready for Diplomacy when He's Feuding with Netanyahu?

    His fight with Netanyahu is out in the open.  Egyptian islamists have invaded our embassy.  I'm afraid that Obama is going to take us back to an era of blundering and blustering that cost us so dearly.  Oh wait, he was talking about Romney.  And Obama boasts about his foreign policy experience during his acceptance speech?!

  2. jdavis88 profile image88
    jdavis88posted 10 years ago

    One has to wonder with no visits to Israel in his 4 years, avoiding a meeting with Netanyahu, removal of God and the Jerusalem clause from the Democratic platform, and his desire to return Israel to its 67 borders, why do most Jewish Americans vote for the man...

    1. cathylynn99 profile image75
      cathylynn99posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      god is in the democratic platform. read it before you go making unfounded claims.

  3. cathylynn99 profile image75
    cathylynn99posted 10 years ago

    netanyahu didn't even ask for a meeting. this rumor was started by an Israeli newspaper looking for a good-selling headline. there is no feud. netanyahu recently said that america now is the best ally it has ever been

    1. Cassie Smith profile image60
      Cassie Smithposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      No rumor, according to a NY Times article, the Israeli Embassy in Washington said late Tuesday that Obama administration declined request from Mr. Netanyahu’s office for a meeting when the Israeli leader attends the UN General Assembly this month.

  4. bworthington profile image61
    bworthingtonposted 10 years ago

    Lack of accuracy aside, the question should be asked: Why should America care if the Israeli president has friction with the President of the United States?

    The president of Israel is responsible to his people, the American President is held accountable to his people. 

    Israel's entire existence is closely linked to its sponsorship by the United States.  And while the nation of Israel is perfectly capable of defending itself, it is very much under the protective umbrella of its big brother.

    If there is any friction between the two administrations, it is because Israeli politics has shifted to the right, and this nation, weary of being involved in protracted conflicts abroad, is shifting to the middle.

  5. Cassie Smith profile image60
    Cassie Smithposted 10 years ago

    UPDATE: So apparently, for Obama, diplomacy means apologizing for existing.  They initially apologized, then erased it from the State department's website.  If this is an example of Obama's diplomacy then it's really lame.

  6. William Young profile image59
    William Youngposted 10 years ago

    In terms of his foreign policy, I applaud President Obama's drone attacks on terrorists, but when it comes to how he relates to foreign countries and how he represents the United States to these countries, he just seems clueless. There is no excuse for his refusal to meet with Netanyahu


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