Is the United States drone program illegal? Is the President a confessed murder

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  1. Reality Bytes profile image86
    Reality Bytesposted 6 years ago

    Is the United States drone program illegal?  Is the President a confessed murderer?

    Can anyone identify what gives the President of the United States the authority to order the death of a human being without Due Process, outside of a war-zone?   If you believe that the President has the legal authority to murder labelled terrorists, what about the thousands of civilian casualties, should certain members of the government of the United States be held accountable for the deaths of these innocent human beings?

  2. point2make profile image79
    point2makeposted 6 years ago

    The President of the United States gets his authority!   We the people give him all the authority he needs. The President takes an oath to protect the USA and as Commander in Chief he is duty bound to do just that.  By using Drones to seek out and kill our enemies he is exercising the power and duties that WE gave him. When President Bush used Drones as an extension of American foreign policy  he was supported by the majority of the American people. When President Obama continued and enhanced that policy he also received wide spread support.

    The President answers to us and if he crosses "the" line we have the opportunity, every four years, to fire him and hire another. The policy of using Drones is not without consequences. Innocent civilians have suffered and have been killed. That is regrettable, however, as a nation, at war, we have accepted that there will almost certainly be innocent deaths as a result of our policy. Fighting a "terrorist" war is not easy or always clean and tidy. For those who would blame our Presidents of being murderers need to realize that if you take a moment and look in the mirror the Presidential "authority"  will be looking back at you and you can't claim you didn't know....what, then, does that make us?

    1. Craig Suits profile image75
      Craig Suitsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Hey point2make.....
      Speaking of points to make, you should get a Pulitzer prize for your comment here. Very well stated.......:-)

  3. Reality Bytes profile image86
    Reality Bytesposted 6 years ago

    ppoint2make, you bring up some valid points.  Government does receive its authority through the consent of the governed.  Government is established to create a legal system that each individual is required to abide by, they are also obligated to enforce these laws equally.  There is no entity that is allowed to disregard the law, this would include government itself.

    So we are in agreement where the authority is derived from, which brings me back to the original question:

    What law, U.S. law or international law gives the president of the United States the power to assassinate a human being outside of a war zone?  To be more specific, murder is illegal, so once this is acknowledged, where, anywhere, is the president of the United States immune from criminal prosecution for confessed criminal activity?  How can the POTUS conspire to murder American citizens on foreign soil and be allowed to continue this type of activity without the requirement to divulge how this authority is derived?  There are members of Congress that are requesting this information, but the dictator of America refuses to even acknowledge the request.

    Getting back to the consent of the governed, every poll states that the majority of American citizens do not want terrorist activity to be conducted by their government, in their name!  Killing civilians in a sovereign nation is the definition of terrorist activity and the American people want it to stop!  There is no such thing as a peaceful bomb!  The Federal government of the United States has gone rogue, the central government now is more similar to a fascist form of government than it is to a representative republic!


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