Do people know that global warming stopped 16 years ago?

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  1. Cassie Smith profile image64
    Cassie Smithposted 6 years ago

    Do people know that global warming stopped 16 years ago?

    This was according to the data collected on global temperature and issued jointly by Britain's Met Office's Hadley Centre and Prof Phil Jones's Climactic Research Unit.  From 1997 till August 2012 there has been no discernible rise in temperature.  Jones's CRU was in the center of "Climategate" three years ago when leaked emails basically said the data they compiled did not mesh with Jones's claim of global warming.  And Jones is also refuting the data that he collected in the latest report.  If you look stupid up in the dictionary you can see a picture of Phil Jones underneath it.

  2. LandmarkWealth profile image76
    LandmarkWealthposted 6 years ago

    What's really interesting is that the primary cause believed to the result of Global Warming by those who believe man is the cause is CO2 in the atmosphere.  Yet according to scientist the period with the greatest amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was the cretaceous period.  This is when Dinosaurs walked the earth and long before the invention of the combustible engine.

    I am by know means a scientist in this field.  However, I come from an extended family of those that went into the scientifiic field.  One member is an environmental engineer.  His biggest frustration with this topic is the notion that the science is univerally agreed upon.  That is postively false.  Most scientist agree that the climate had been warming for some time.  Not all agree it was man made. In fact over 30,000 scientist signed an online petition at  debating exactly this topic several years ago. 
    What's even stranger is this notion that they can be so certain.  Most people have forgotten, particularly those that are a bit too young to remember, that when the earth day movement began in the 1970's it was part of a movement to prevent GLOBAL COOLING.  That was the absolute science of the day.  The NOAA actually wanted permission in 1975 to melt the polar Ice Caps, if you can believe that.  See Below

    Another 1974 NY Times artice  "When meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe, they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age."

    There are literally thousands of these assertions from the 70's.  Last year an article was published on the recent NASA satellite data blowing up much of this theory. … 34971.html
    The problem is whenever people present scientific data in such a way as a theory that it has to be the case, and anyone who disagrees is somehow living in the stone age, you have to be cautious.  Most often follow the money trail.  There is an awful lot of potential money to be made in the business of trading carbon credits.  The truth is we really don't know. Yet, what I do know is I am living on an Island that was once a sheet of ICE that thawed before man's inventions.

    1. Cassie Smith profile image64
      Cassie Smithposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I think what you said is very true Landmark.  There are a lot of disagreements in the scientific field and most things only come to a consensus after many, many years and after many, many experiments.

    2. LandmarkWealth profile image76
      LandmarkWealthposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed. It may very well be a correct theory. But the science is still questionable and debated by many in the field.

    3. LandmarkWealth profile image76
      LandmarkWealthposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      That's why I say follow the Money


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