How were you affected by Hurricane Sandy?

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    roxygurl464posted 5 years ago

    How were you affected by Hurricane Sandy?

    Hurricane Sandy hit the middle east coast in late October.  Many people were forced to evacuate their homes and moved to safety.  Some lost power for days and other were more unfortunate and lost everything.  Explain how the storm affected you and your loved ones.

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    somethgblueposted 5 years ago

    My life didn't change in the slightest however I did write a couple of articles about it and the curious timing of the 'natural disaster'!

    Not only did it create a scenario in which it impedes millions of potential voters in what up until then was considered a tight race but also put our President in the position to 'rescue' the victims by making sure FEMA was in place before the storm hit.

    Although downgraded to a tropical storm hours before it made landfall Hurricane Re-Election shattered all previous floodwater records by almost 3 1/2 feet, including the 'Perfect Storm' in '91, hmmm!

    Whether or not one believes in EnMod weapons is beside the point the curious timing and near perfect forecasted predictions a week in advance alone make this one of the most unusual storms of the century.

    The fact that it was practiced fifteen years earlier by meteorologists in Florida to hit the exact same spot New York/New Jersey, at the exact same time Oct., and was even named the exact same hurricane Sandy stretches the credibility even further.

    Even Hollywood couldn't write a script that well . . .