FEMA RED/BLUE? CONCENTRATION CAMPS? Are we prepared for such a drastic social ch

  1. monicaortegamon profile image77
    monicaortegamonposted 5 years ago

    FEMA RED/BLUE? CONCENTRATION CAMPS? Are we prepared for such a drastic social change?

    I recently stumbled on this subject that I believe has some significance in everyone's point of view regarding this subject. I bring it up because of our current election and the fact that if it is a real event, it actually happens to be one that will affect us all...I challenge as many as possible to research this subject for yourselves and get back to me regarding your idea's and input. This is no joke. Can this be a real life possibility? Something that will and can change this nation for the worst...Monica

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    glenn wallaceposted 5 years ago

    I don't see a red/blue schism or civil war happening. We're all too interconnected. Notice how the list of "swing states" is getting longer every presidential election? A lot of old geographic, and cultural divides have blurred in recent years. Just look at Texas, which you'd think would be a poster child for a "red state secession." Fact is, with its swelling Hispanic population, big tex is going to start looking pretty purple by the next presidential election. Then look at college campuses, long a bastion of Democratic support. Well, Libertarianism is pretty damn popular with the kids, so maybe that's changing too. A lot of this stuff is cyclical after all... democrats used to all be southern racists, and republicans used to be progressive touchie-feely types from the northeast. Oh, how times change.

    Now as for your implying that (FEMA?!?) internment/concentration camps could again become a reality in this country: I'd love to think it'd never happen again but... well, Americans get stupid sometimes. Witness Michelle Bachman proudly trying to purge anyone with Muslim heritage from the government. If she were to propose that we round up all Muslims, "as a matter of national security," I think sadly there'd be a few dunderheads in elected office that would support it. Luckily, only a few. But can you imagine what would happen if she suggested it on the heels of another 9/11 style attack? I shudder at the possibilities.