Have you heard the one about FEMA trailer concentration camps in the U.S.?

  1. lindacee profile image96
    lindaceeposted 7 years ago

    Have you heard the one about FEMA trailer concentration camps in the U.S.?

    Can someone explain this conspiracy theory to me? Who is being held/exterminated/whatever? Where are these camps located?

  2. Brie Hoffman profile image67
    Brie Hoffmanposted 7 years ago

    Google Jesse Ventura Fema Camps.  You can watch the episode on You Tube (if they haven't removed it yet).  Illegal aliens are being held there, they are located across the country mostly in former military bases.

  3. onegoodwoman profile image77
    onegoodwomanposted 7 years ago

    I had not heard of this, until now, and after viewing the video.....it's overly dramatic and seeks attention.  It watches like a cheap movie, because that is what it is.  Jesse Ventura is third rate entertainment personality.

    Not, that I would blindly trust our government, but those 'coffins' featured in the video looked more like industrial tubs to  me.

    I spent most of 2010, moving FEMA trailers out of the New Orleans area.  They went to private resellers, auctions in various states.  Having gone to the some of the auctions, I can assure you they were being bought by individuals.  Some wanted them for hunting camp shelter, storage, as travel campers and others needed them for personal homes, due to the housing crisis.  During the summer, I bought 6 myself, for resell, one man said he was going to make a carpenter shop out of it, and another a food vending trailer.

    At one point, it looked as though we would be taking them to the ports for shipment to Haiti, but their government refused them.