Do you remember the national news informing you about Building #7?

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    ArtzGirlposted 5 years ago

    Do you remember the national news informing you about Building #7?

    (Did you realize that there was a 3rd building that collapsed on 9/11, a steel structured 47 story high-rise which fell in less than 7 seconds -- that was not even hit by a plane)?

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    LandmarkWealthposted 5 years ago

    The Building explanation was found in the report by structural engineering magazine and various numerous other peer reviewed academic work...

    The building was built with a truss system that transferred loads between columns.  And the building was built larger than it was originally planned to be. The above link explains how the collapse of the eastern column shifted the distribution of weight and the subsequent collapse actually progressed horizontally. Column 79 was the specific column that caused the change reaction in the kinetic models that  were recreated, which was initially damaged by a massive amount of debris and fire from the towers.  These finding were reiterated by the following professional organizations with expertise in this field.

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology, The Structural Engineers Association of New York, The National Council of Structural Engineers Association,  The National Fire Prevention Association, The Society of Fire Protection Engineers,  The American Institute of Steel Construction,  The New York City Dept of Engineering and Design, and The Structural Engineering Institute.