Nuclear missile threats from North Korea.....

  1. safiq ali patel profile image72
    safiq ali patelposted 4 years ago

    Nuclear missile threats from North Korea.....

    Over recent months North Korea has said it will use Nuclear force if necessary. Do you take the nuclear threat from North Korea seriously.?

  2. Neall profile image81
    Neallposted 4 years ago

    North Korea's only play on the world stage is the threat that possibly they are unstable enough to use a nuclear weapon. This threat allows them to command a certain amount of attention and simply stated is the only card they have to play. If they were to use a nuclear device of some sort they would lose that card and the repercussions against them would be more than the ruling factions are willing to pay. The Kim family and their supporters will not jeopardize their position by doing anything that would automatically ensure their downfall.

  3. Ingenira profile image85
    Ingeniraposted 4 years ago

    I agree with what Neall said. I have just visited South Korea more than 3 weeks ago, and the locals there are not even a bit worried about it.

    South Korea is so much more advanced than the North. North Korea will be playing a losing game if they attack.