What is the culture difference between usa and canada?

  1. tuteramanda profile image60
    tuteramandaposted 4 years ago

    What is the culture difference between  usa and canada?

    it seems very same ,why not  integrate into one country?

  2. ii3rittles profile image83
    ii3rittlesposted 4 years ago

    Canada has very relaxed views on a lot of things. Viewing the differences of the governments, you will find that the US government is more of a "bully". In Canada the serious crime rates are a lot lower. Many people in the US are or have moved to Canada because they offer free healthcare, and they offer other things beneficial to people. They are about working together, not working against each other.

  3. f_hruz profile image73
    f_hruzposted 4 years ago

    It may seem the same only to people who have no idea of the many cultural, economic and broader social differences.

    Canada is known as an international peace maker. They kept out of many of the wars the US started, from the war in Iraq, to the time of the Vietnam war, when many young Americans went to Canada to avoid being sent off to kill others and/or being killed themselves for nothing more than the support of a predatory capitalist system which has now put the whole world economic system into a tail spin, while Canada is in much better shape economically and socially than the US and many of the EU countries.