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Do you think we can compromise privacy because of security?

  1. alexandriaruthk profile image76
    alexandriaruthkposted 4 years ago

    Do you think we can compromise privacy because of security?

    This is in view of NSA leaks?

  2. profile image0
    Copper Manposted 4 years ago

    Quite obviously, we can, for we have compromised our privacy in thousands of ways in lieu of more "security" ever since we became terrified of potential terrorists. Most likely, as we becomes ever more fearful, we will accept more and more restrictions on our privacy and our freedoms.

  3. maxoxam41 profile image75
    maxoxam41posted 4 years ago

    I won't compromise my privacy for their security. I personally don't feel jeopardize by the world but by my own government. If terror comes from anywhere in this world, we have to acknowledge that the epicenter is our country.

  4. lone77star profile image83
    lone77starposted 4 years ago

    I would say "damn" to the security, if it meant giving up even one liberty.

    Liberty creep is a game the US government has been playing for decades. And it accelerated after 9/11. The psychotic elite -- the owners of the big corporations and the government -- want to eliminate all liberties (except for themselves).

    Benjamin Franklin said that anyone who gives up their liberty for a little security with have neither and will deserve neither. If you ask me, Americans who let this happen are wimps.

    What happened to the land of the free and home of the brave? No more freedom and just a bunch of sissies.

    HR 347 makes it a felony to protest what the government is doing. NDAA gives the military the ability to lock you up forever, without a phone call, attorney, charges, or trial. Obama's presidential kill list includes Americans, so heaven help you if you ever find your name on it.

    As the psychotic elite become more bold, even the tiniest offenses may become capital offenses. "Oh, our president sucks." Bang! You're dead!

    America is now about where Nazi Germany was in 1939. We've already had our Reichstag fire, blamed on someone else. We've already had our Sudetenland with an unprovoked attack of Libya, without congressional declaration. Our presidents have become bolder and bolder in ignoring the document they swore to protect. Effectively treason.

    Good night, sweet America. May a new America arise from your ashes.