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State debts? Prices going up ? when is all this going to stop?

  1. tati134 profile image60
    tati134posted 4 years ago

    State debts? Prices going up ? when is all this going to stop?

    Do you believe that the country just reached its full crises , debts , prices, fuel ? Do you think this would ever stop? How do you feel about the Obama care insurance idea?

  2. Borsia profile image45
    Borsiaposted 4 years ago

    If you track this back through history it started many decades ago and has gotten worse at an ever faster pace through all administrations from both parties.
    If we look at the parallel between US runaway spending and the same as it occurred in the USSR from WWII - 1979 it is obvious that there is an end point where it all falls down.
    Most Americans think that the US is simply too big to fail but that isn't really true. What has kept us until now is largely that the US Dollar is the international standard. But it might easily be replaced as we have gone from the world's largest lender to the world's largest debtor.
    The biggest problem is that the government has been lying about the economy for so long they believe their own BS. If you look at the GNP and the manipulation , cooking, of the books it really starts going south with JFK (there were problems before that of course). JFK didn't like high unemployment numbers so he changed the way we count them to drop everyone who is unemployed for any length of time from the count. Eisenhower had borrowed from the Social Security fund for his great road building program, but he had also begun to repay it. LBJ wanted to hide the real cost of the Vietnam War so he did the same thing, but he set up a system to transfer all of the money from SS to the General Fund with a very sparse and confusing paper trail and no plan to ever pay it back, which is why all the funds there today are in the form of IOUs. others have each had their turn hiding inflation by changing the items in the "shopping basket" used to track real costs first from name brands to generics then but substitution IE; any fish vs salmon, etc.
    To JFK's credit he wanted to boot the Federal Reserve and take control of our money back. Perhaps that played into his sudden demise, I don't claim to know but it is certainly suspicious given the timing. No other sitting president has had the balls to bring it up since. The FR certainly doesn't have America's best interest in mind when they act printing trillions of dollars with nothing backing them only weakens the dollar.
    Will it ever stop?
    Not so long as the two parties responsible are in power and given that the same profiteers who keep them n power control the media it is unlikely that it will change before critical mass explodes.