Total Equality: Is this something we should be striving for?

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    ptosisposted 4 years ago

    Total Equality: Is this something we should be striving for?

    According to the book, 'Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain Hardcover by Patricia S. Churchland P.132 XX, XY genes during early fetal development, the gonads are neutral until 2nd half gestation and that the surge of testosterone masculinizes the fetal brain which results in  a larger hypothalamus with males.

    What does this mean? Should we treat everyone completely and utterly equal, knowing that there are differences?

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    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago

    Equality is impossible from the stand point that no two people are alike or have the same exact overt and intangible talents. Equality equal mediocrity. If every team had the same number of wins verses losses we would say they are equally talented, average, or mediocre.
    There will always be a "first class" and a "coach" as well as 5 Star and 2 Star Hotels. Not everyone is going to become the CEO of a major corporation or be the next Michael Jordan. What people really want is an "equal opportunity" at becoming someone "special". They simply want people to be allowed to fairly try out for the team.
    However since most final decisions are based on likability or gut instincts the only way to ever have equality is to have machines make selections from unbiased testing strictly based on scores.
    Human beings are unable for the most part to ignore a person's appearance (height, weight, gender, race, national origin, and sexual orientation.) If this were not the case there would never have been a need to institute laws against discrimination.
    Equality for the most part is having the equal opportunity of being judged based upon one's ability and nothing else.

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    LandmarkWealthposted 3 years ago

    Equal opportunity is something we should strive or.  Equality is not possible in a free society because we are all inherently different.  Now if there was a way to genetically mutate humans to be precisely the same on every level, I would envision that to be a very depressing existence.  One in which there is nothing to strive for and no sense of individualism.  That seems to me to be little more than just an existence. 

    Many people recognize that equal opportunity is not equal results.  Yet some are still obsessed with the concept of equal outcomes.  They often do so by talking about fairness.  I personally think the genesis of such a view is really rooted in envy.  I will never understand why people are so often obsessed with what others have attained or achieved.   We need to only be happy with ourselves and what we have personally attained for ourselves.  What my neighbor has or does is largely irrelevant to me as a long as it doesn't directly affect me.